Warmorama:  Indian ran to the park next to the school while continuously passing 2 8-lb. med balls from the front of the line to the back.  Then, warmed up with Floppy Arms, Sun Gods (Sobriety Style), Chinooks, Shoulder Stretches, Runner’s Lunge, Hip Flexer Stretch, IT Band Stretch, Split Leg Hamstring Stretch & Quad Stretch.

Thang #1  Elevens, consisting of doing 4 burpees over a 15 yard distance, then doing 1 merkin, bear crawling back to the starting line, and doing 10 front lunges (both legs counting as 1). Rinse & repeat as we counted up on merkins and down on front lunges.  Then, we indian ran (again passing the 2 med balls front to back) to the back of the school.

Thang #2 The Ciabatta Supremo.  Completed a 4 station circuit x 3 rounds with the 4 stations consisting of (1) Dips, (2) Carolina Dry Docks, (3) a Chilcutt with feet balancing on a Med Ball, and (4) a weighted superman (continuously holding up a 6-lb. sculpting bar).  Each station required 35 seconds of exercise followed by a 10 second rest/transition to the next station. Then we rinsed & repeated with 4 new stations consisting of (1) Slam Balls, (2) Copperhead Squats + a 50-lb. Curl, (3) Squat Reach Jumps (in honor of Tony Horton’s P90X Plyometrics), and (4) Near & Fars.  Then, we moseyed back to the starting point for an abbreviated Mary.

Mary:  Pfeiffer Scissors, Cindy Crawfords, Low Dolly & American Hammer.

Announcements:  Wolverine & Streamer reminded the pax about the upcoming Miles for Matthew & Fun Run.

Wolverine took us out with an uplifting prayer.

YHC was honored to Q. today.  Nice job men!!!!

PAX: Thurmanator

QIC: 09/24/16