On a rainy September morning 4 fellow pax defeated the fartsack, gas lines, and the fear of getting wet to join YHC for his Q at the Sad Clown Killer.  It went down something like this:


Pledge of Allegiance at Shovel Flag

Mosey to the school

Balls to the Wall – 30 seconds (thanks Bodett for the count)


Windmills/Heisenbergs X 15 IC

Sun Gods Dr. Evil Style X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods Dr. Evil Style X 15 IC

Chinooks X 15 IC

Reverse Chinooks X 15 IC

Dallas Dips X 10 IC (each leg)

The Thang

YHC wanted the pax to experience a small part of what YHC experienced 2 weeks prior during the Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) without the sleep deprivation, drinking copius amounts of Gatorade & water, eating lots of bananas & Cliff Bars, and diarrhea.  YHC had the pax line up, counted off, and instructed the following:

Man 1 – Run 1 lap around the Summerfield Elementary track

Man 2 – Merkins (pax choice)

Man 3 – Mountain Climbers

Man 4 – Imperial Walkers

Man 5 – Hillbillies

When Man 1 finished his lap Man 2 started his and we went down the line until everyone finished all 5 segments.  We had so much fun we did it again!  Here was the Round 2 rotation:

Man 1 – Run 1 Lap around the Summerfield Elementary Track

Man 2 – Bobby Hurley’s (I know Xerox loved doing these)

Man 3 – Alabama A** Kickers

Man 4 – Cusack Squats

Man 5 – Nolan Ryans

2 Sad Clown Killer Relay’s (SCKR) finished!


Apollo Creeds X 15 IC

Scissor Kicks X 15 IC

Song Time:  The Desert Rose Band “She Don’t Love Nobody”

YHC was inspired to use this song after hearing it on the radio driving this past weekend.  YHC also found it ironic the song was released the same year Hurricane Hugo hit the US (thanks to Bodett for the reminder it hit 27 years ago day of workout).  YHC instructed the pax to start in Superman position and when your hear “She Don’t Love Nobody” switch to Banana/Dying Cockroach.  Switch each time you hear “She Don’t Love Nobody”.  Pax were thankful the song was only 3 minutes long! #soreabsandribs #classicneotraditionalcountrysong

X’s and O’s X 10

American Hammer X 10 IC

Great work by the pax today.  Even with a wet parking lot the pax performed well and worked hard!

COT:  Wolverine took us out with a great prayer


  1. Miles for Matthew (in support of Girth’s 2.0) and Buddy Walk (supporting children with Down’s Syndrome) are both on Saturday, October 8th.  Consider doing one or both.  See Nancy for details on Miles for Matthew and Double Check for details on Buddy Walk.
  2. Bodett needs future pax from Southern Guilford County, Davidson County, High Point, Archdale, and Thomasville for launch of F3 High Point on Saturday, October 1st.  Bodett also mentioned 679 pax on F3 Greensboro roster;  wants to hit 700 by F3 Greensboro 2 year anniversary in 3 weeks (EH everyone you know!).
  3. F3 Kernersville service project this Sunday (September 25th) at Bethesda Center in downtown Winston-Salem.  Buy food and serve at homeless shelter.  See Spurrier for details.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead.  It was an honor.





PAX: Udders

QIC: 09/22/16