YHC was a late fill-in Q for Bed Bug who apparently had a last minute conflict (hopefully not fartsacking).  YHC was glad to answer the bell for the Fringe.  YHC was just staring to feel somewhat normal after the Blue Ridge Relay, i.e. the legs stopped feeling like they were cement blocks from the lactic acid and the inflammation around the left knee was easing up so that YHC could stop his old man hobble to the pisser.  YHC heard that Van 1 had engaged in some mystical non-herbal potassium spray-on mixture combined with a healthy dose of Biofreeze to combat the effects of running up and down hills in the middle of the night.  Not sure if that was legal, but YHC is on board for it next year for sure.  So in any event, YHC was ready to run again.  And since Boone’s Farm, Brown Noser, Tommy Boy and Pamela posted for extra credit before the beatdown, YHC assumed they were ready to run some more as well.   YHC glossed over the disclaimer since 15 veteran PAX and no FNGs posted (sorry Slum Lord) but YHC did preface the beatdown by explaining that despite what YHC is about to make the PAX do, YHC is not mad at you, YHC is trying to make you better.  That said, on to:


-Quarter mile Single Applesauce Mosey around the track.





SUNGODS SOBRIETY SYTLE 10 IC forward, 10 IC Backwards



Cones were placed around the track every 100 yards. Pax jogged 100 yards, Sprint 100 yards, Jog 100 yards, 5 merkins, Jog 100, Sprint 100, Jog 100, 10 merkins, etc. up to 25 merkins, then jog to the parking lot for a “recovery” with weights

When YHC said “go”, several PAX took off like bats out of Hades which prompted Tommy Boy to exclaim, “Follow directions much?”  That pace could only last so long with this type of interval training anyways.

After fartlek ladder 1, the pax did 1 minute set of weights to music (Red Rider’s Lunatic Fringe, of course):

Overhead Press

Curl into Press

Kettlebell Swing

Back to the track for Round 2 of Fartleks, this time jog 100, sprint 100, jog 100, 5 squats, up to 15 squats.

Back to the weights for “recovery” round two

Kettlebell Swing

Upright Row

Skull Crushers

Jack Webbs

There was a lot of mumblechatter about the beatdown at this point, YHC appreciates mumblechatter of any sort and considers the grumpy kind as the ultimate compliment. And besides, even tough we had run 3 miles during the beatdown, we weren’t done yet, not even close…


American Thor:  Look it up in the Lexicon, ‘Nuff Said


Bird’s nest is promoting Backpack Beginnings, look for it on Twitter or in the Service e-mail.

3rd f with Jitterbug on the Q on Fridays, Panera Lawndale

Miles for Matthew coming up.  Signup on the F3 team.

Oct. 1, Kilos for Kids, look for a tweet from Boone’s Farm

Coffee without Yeti at Green Joe’s


-TCLAPS to Pamela, Tommy Boy and Slum Lord for crushing the fartleks, nice job, fastholes.

-TCLAPS to Bedpan for leading us in the last set of 40 hammers to close out the American Thor. I see Qing in your near future, young grasshopper.

-WELCOME to Crash for posting at the Fringe.  Come on out any time.  You don’t need Kilowatt to pick you up to post during the week, brother.

-COBAINS to Sacked for all that running on the hip.  You did great, and it will get better soon with your treatment.

COT:  Slum Lord took us out with an excellent prayer, thank you.

I was an honor to give to this group. You men are an inspiration to me every day.  Aye.






PAX: Brown Noser, Nomad, Bed Pan, Poehler, Tommy Boy, Kilowatt, Slum Lord, Sacked, Huffy, War Damn Eagle, Play Doh, Crash, Boone’s Farm, Pamela, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock