11 PAX posted at the Crater to start the week by getting better.  There was very little running, but the THANG was no joke.


SSH, Imperial walkers, windmills, hillbilly’s, sun gods, mosey around the island.

The Thang:

Tabata session to keep the heart rate up and burn some calories.

8 exercises, 4 rounds…30 seconds exercise, 10 seconds “rest”.

  1. Triple lunge jump
  2. Kick through
  3. Ab chopper
  4. Plank jack with can can
  5. Wojo squat
  6. Lsf
  7. X-merkin
  8. wwII crabcake


Between each exercise we would rest for 10 sec with

Plank – round 1

chilcut plank – round 2

reverse plank – round 3

iso-squat – round 4

After completing each round, take a lap around the island.

Even while completing this BB (very late I must add) my legs are still sore!

It was great to have a smaller group and I was impressed by the effort from everyone.

Well done gents.

Nomad out.

PAX: CJ, Phoenix, Corn Hole, Tweezers, Bull Dog, Stretch, Polo, Long Time, Slum Lord, Lock Jaw, Nomad

QIC: Nomad