YHC was pleased to step into the gloom and learn that his chit-chat with the Sky Q about turning on the AC for Natty’s Hump was deemed worthy. Thanks, Big Guy!

After setting the AO Table for the morning’s festivities, YHC was humbled to arrive at the shovel flag to find a rowdy PAX and 1 FNG. After a potentially over-caffeinated disclaimer (what about the “no suing” part?) we rolled out into the gloom.

A quick mosey to the Pisgah Church parking lot for:


SSH x 25 IC

3 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

4 Burpees OYO

Chinooks x 15 IC followed by

Moroccan Night Club x 15 IC followed by

Chinooks x 15 IC unwind

5 Burpees (w/ 3 Merkins) OYO

YHC then “voluntold” 6 veteran Qs to join him in the circle. PAX instructed to divide up evenly among each Q. Tclaps to the PAX for making this happen quickly.

Scattered across the AO (from the Lewis Play Ground down to the Country Park Gate were 8 “glimpses”  of F3 Beatdowns and CSAUPS that YHC has experienced over the past 15 months; various workouts led by some great Qs. Many of them accompanied by a WAR exercise. The challenge was simple; those that haven’t Q’d before were asked to lead the WAR exercise (call it out, move to position, lead the cadence) in an effort to dip our toe in the F3 leadership waters and invigorate leadership & diversity within the AOs across our community.

And like that, we were off. Each group could chose their own adventure and work their way through the AO until time was called. The stations looked a little like this:


*Sun Gods called by new Q

10 x Pull-ups

20 x Merkins

30 x Squats

40 x LBCs

Put Your Name On It

26 letters & 26 corresponding exercises; spell out your F3 Name

Shake Weights

*Hillbillies called by new Q

10 x Turkish Get-ups w/ weight

20 x Merkins

30 x SSH w/ weights

60 second elbow plank

Final Countdown

100 x Squats

90 x LBCs

80 x Mtn. Climbers

70 x Lunges

60 x Freddie Mercurys

50 x Low Slow Flutters

40 x Calf Raises

30 x Sit Ups

20 x Merkins

10 x Supermans

Sweat Angel

* Monkey Humpers called by new Q

Partner A- Farmer’s Carry 40lb weight across parking lot & back

Partner B- Balls To The Wall


The Ruck a la JLove

Bear Crawl around the LARGE parking lot island (#crowdpleaser)

Al Gore for the 6

BRR Training

Run from the Country Park Gate down to the Flag/Freaky Deer Island & back

*Plank for the 6

Cinders (Arise)

*Copperhead Squats called by new Q

10 x Jack Webbs

20 x Goblet Squats

30 x Dips

Sky Q then turned on a welcome mist just in time for:


Low Dolly (Tclaps to Bedbug for leading)

Low Slow Flutters (Double Tclaps to Bedbug for leading)

Superman (Triple TClaps to Bedbug for leading)

*NOW whose over-caffeinated?!

Homer to Marge (slowly)

into Low Windshield Wipers

back to Homer to Marge (slowly)

into High Windshield Wipers (high)

right into American Hammers x 25 IC


– Lift up Ozark (Rick Mayes) with healing prayers. He is fighting Viral Myocarditis; a weakening of the heart muscle. In times like this, basic human contact to let a brother know he is with us can make all the difference. Information on Myocarditis can be found HERE

– 3rd F @ Panera each Hump Day: “Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die”

– Hump Day Happy Hour 9/21 @ TapRoom

– Take a leap of faith; have the audacity to say “AYE!” when the call goes out for a Q. Better yet, SEEK OUT A Q OPPORTUNITY. The entire PAX will benefit from the diversity that only you can bring to an AO. We’re better together.

TClaps to the PAX. These back blasts and my weak grasp of the English language will not do justice explaining the respect I have for each of you. I’m better each time we suffer TOGETHER in the #gloom.


Tommy Boy

PAX: Tommy Boy

QIC: 09/21/16