Characterizing Medicine balls as angry bees is a bit of a stretch. However, they inflicted pain and stung all of our muscles groups in the gloom this morning. Luckily YHC still had Drago’s medicine balls left over from Uptown Funk and could be put to good use in the parking deck. Here how sting played out.


  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Sun Gods Sobriety style X 10 IC (forwards and back)
  • Chinooks in seated squat X 15 IC
  • Upside down Fonzies X 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks X 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 20 IC


Grab a medicine ball and run all the way to Bellemeade Parking Deck (3rd floor). Partner up – One partner performs exercises AMRAP style, while other partner run up one floor to the elevators. At this location he performs three burpees and then runs back to flapjack with partner – work through all exercises.

  • Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • American Hammer
  • Clean and Press
  • Squats with ball over head
  • Bench Press with legs in Air
  • Merkins both hands on ball
  • On back, elevate ball behind your head
  • Straight arm hold w/weight
  • Jump Squats holding ball
  • Upright row
  • LBC with ball
  • Bend over Row – keep back straight
  • Lunge with twist
  • Mountain Climbers holding ball
  • High Dolly holding ball
  • Bear Crawl pushing ball forward

Run back to AO for 6 MOM

  • Crunchy Frog X 15 IC
  • ABC’s (spell with legs)
  • High Dolly X 15 IC
  • American Hammer X 20 IC

COT – Dr. Phill took us out


  • Prayer request for Pamela and his wife
  • JR mentioned that we should count our blessings and not to take things for granted. Enjoy what we have and that F3 is something special in our lives

PAX: 09/14/16

QIC: Crab Legs, Dr. Phil, Quicken, Wide Left, Jordache, Drysdale, Do Right, Mayor, Tool Man, Butt Fumble, Hermie, Graffiti, Kicker, LYnda (Q)