Pax of 17 gathered for a run out of Lindley.

After some back and forth down the hardtop of the basketball court YHC decided that the PAX had enough of high knees, backward run, sideway run and we trotted out of the friendly confines seeking a hill that could test the will.

Taking a trot down Starmount toward Holden the PAX formed into plank briefly to collect the 6 at Wedgedale. YHC called for a Switzer to advise PAX of balance of workout plan and to challenge them on the beauty of the 1/2 mile hill before them as a metaphor to challenge their will. 1 hill Balls out. Concluding the huddle in a break we immediately charged the hill and stopped upon getting to entrance of CEC preschool. #nonaptime

Collecting the 6 in style by running back for the 6 further illustrated the purpose of the hill. Even when we are challenged, in the sifter we are not alone. #goodreturn. Our brothers of the gloom are with us.

PAX formed a brief circle of exercise to recover and then mounted up to mosey toward Friendly Ave. by way of Wedgewood. Running through an early morning brick and sand delivery across from Tebow’s home we made our way down to Friendly. Hope neighbors did not wake the baby Tebow! #Doublesecretprobation.

The end of the Thang was an out and back 7 minute run that Nancy was nice enough to call out declining minutes. Most PAX made it well down Hobbs past the shopping zone from Friendly and took a few hills out of Gen. Cornwalis’ 6 shooter. #weDrinkCoffeeNotTea. When the time arrived we about faced and ran back through starting position, along Wedgewood Place, then up the hill on Beverly and back into Lindley park. Most reports by the TechnoSavy have 3.7-4.0miles. No wildlife opportunities for breakfast on this go round. Where is rabbit chaser Amphibious and Where is JR for the Hare burrito breakfast ? Great to see Hermey and Bulldog out of the stable for the Stampede.


Nancy Led us in some LBC while YHC retrieved phone. Thanks leverage for storage of phone.

YHC says it is still beach season given the high 80’s weather and Cindy Crawford are needed. #manhandlesbedamned. 10 or 11 each side. Somewhat unbalanced.


MILES for MATTHEW. 5 and 10 K options. 8-Oct. Sign up by 24 Sept for shirt. word on street is you can get some killer green socks to prep for your St. Patrick’s Day get up. If you don’t post to the workout show up at 4pm race day at Filing Station for party, band, Natty’s brew and help shuffle cold ones to those that threw down 6 miles at pace.   Hey men get on Sunday Sole Crusher 0630 at Lindley Elem. to get at pace and pre-run course. See @F3Nancy


Formed circle on our 6; CLT style to hear one another. YHC took us out.

Glad to jump in for a Q here quite a fun time- thanks for opportunity. Thanks for being tight today as a PAX.



PAX: Explosion

QIC: 09/15/16