20 PAX came out for a beautiful morning on the football field.

WARM-A-RAMA:  Dropped weights at station 2, then mosey to station 1 by the bleachers.

20 – Side Straddle Hop

15 – Sun Gods (forward & reverse)

20 –  Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

The PAX formed groups of 3. Partner A started exercises at Station #1.  Partners B and C ran to Station #2, where Partner B started exercise and Partner C ran back to Station #1 to release Partner A.  Continued this model until all exercises completed.  The PAX found a new use for paper plates!

Station #1:   50 Burpies, 20 Stair climbers (up and down the bleachers), 150 Dips on the Bleachers … rinse and repeat.

Station #2 (weights):  150 Lion Kings, 150 Lunge with Twist, 150 Curl to Overhead Press … rinse and repeat.  Lots of chatter about the 150 count!

Mary – 20 Box Cutters, 20 Low Dolleys, 20 Freddie Mercury’s, 20 American Hammers.


TPS – reach out to those who have not been out to F3 lately.

Double Check – remember Miles for Matthew, Yeti walk

Butt Fumble – Community Housing Solutions for Paint the Town – Saturday – fill out a waiver.  Judy’s Chair – contribute what you can.

Boones Farm – Kilos for Kids – 2 person competition – $7

email from Gunny – High Point launch on Oct 1

COT:  Ball of Men / Prayer – Thanks Butt Fumble!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead!


PAX: Huffy

QIC: 09/16/16