14 PAX braved the humidity at Jesse Wharton school today. We made use of all the acreage available at the school and circled around the school to complete a multi disciplinary exercise session.

Warm A Rama

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x15 IC

Windmill x 15 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Sun gods x 12 IC – front and back

Chinooks x 10 IC

Bear crawl or Crab walk around the circle

Mosey around the parking lot

The Thang

We split into two teams with Hush Puppy leading Team 1 and YHC leading Team 2.  Each team moseyed over to an opposite fitness station on either side of the school.  Two sets of the Murph (10 pull ups/20 merkins/30 squats/40 LBCs) were completed by each team.

Each team then moseyed to the lacrosse field behind the school for a rendesvous of sprinting pain. Team 1 ran around half of the lacrosse field with three sides of the “box” in a sprint and one side in an easy jog.  Team 2 did sprints in two different cone exercises.  One cone set was called the “Two Tower” drill (self explanatory layout) and the other was called the “Compass Run” (one cone in the middle and five cones that circled around it in five yard increments).  The team completing the cone exercises did between 2 – 4 sets of each cone exercise.  The two teams then alternated between the half field run and the cone drills.


After the sprinting on the field was completed, each team moseyed over to the other fitness station to complete two more rounds of the Murph.

Each team then moseyed over to the parking lot and met up as complete group to do a few plyometric exercises (ala P90x).  The following plyometric exercises were completed:

>jump squats x20

>jump run stance squats x 20

>double airborne Heisman x15

>cone circle drill x 1 minute

1.1 miles of running were completed in total.

The Mary

V up roll up – x15 IC

Low dollys – x 15 IC

Marge/Homers – x 12

AH – x 15 IC (TPS leading)


Boones Farm reminded the PAX of the fund raising event on october 1st at Kernersville Cross Fit for Dream On 3

Tampa launch in October- we are leading on Sat Oct 8th

High point F3 launch on oct 1st

Welcome to our FNG – Matt Stewart, who is an accountant.  We gave him an appropriate F3 name: “Loop Hole”

Hush Puppy did a great job in leading us out with an inspiring COT.

Always a pleasure and an honor to lead, gents.


PAX: Drizzle

QIC: 09/19/16