Eight PAX came out for some Oldies but Goodies around the AO!


 25 – Side Straddle Hop

15 – Windmills

15 – Sun Gods (forward & reverse)

15 – Squatted Chinooks (forward & reverse)

15 – Monkey Humpers




From the shovel flag mosey to the Matterhorn for two segments of plank exercises.

20 – Planks Jacks, Mountain Climbers and Shoulder Tap


15 – Peter Parkers, Parker Peters (Nancy mumble chatter) and Carolina Dry Docks



The Thang:

Mosey to the large parking lot. PAX partnered up for Indy 500 work. Partner A started the exercise, while Partner B ran to the other end of the parking lot, did two Burpees and then relieved Partner A to pick up the cumulative count exercise: 50 Body Builders, 100 Toy Soldiers, 150 LBCs, 200 Wojo Squats.


Once each partnership completed the 500 reps, the PAX did dip work until the six was in. Group then did 8 inchworm Merkins and ten yards of forward moving X Merkins.


Mosey to the patio area behind the baseball field stands. Partner work for two segments of Lunges/Derkin exercises. Partner A did stationary Lunges while Partner B did 30 Derkins on the rail, then switch partners. Second segment was Lunges with a twist and 30 Derkins.


Mosey to the shovel flag and basketball court. Partner A did Jack Webbs at the baseline while Partner B ran to the playground for five pull ups, then back to relieve Partner A. Same sequence at half court for Crunchy Frogs, and then at the other baseline for LBCs. Time was then called.



20 – Low Slow Flutter

15 – X’s and O’s

15 – American Hammers



Nancy – Community Housing Solutions for Paint the Town later in the day.

Sole Crusher is moved to Lindley Elementary in prep for Miles for Matthew

Beaver – Qs needed for October.



Group – Lord’s Prayer


Honor to lead this group!






PAX: Mistrial, Lightyear, Hackman, Beaver, Bulldog, Amphibious, Nancy, Leverage (Q)

QIC: Leverage