“It’s not what I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”


A dark moon settled over Gotham (Natville) as a baker’s dozen of Dark Knights descended upon Cougar Town to battle the #SadClown. After a breif disclaimer, we vanished into the gloom for:


25 x SSH IC

20 x Copperhead Squats IC

15 x Peter Parkers IC

15 x Parker Peters IC

12 x Don Quixotes IC

Then, deeper into the gloom we went until; HOLY FNGs BATMAN! Not one, but two new recruits were found roaming the perimeter. After exchanging pleasantries, we grabbed the cinders and headed up to the futbol pitch & track. It was evident that the PAX was hungry for a hero’s beatdown on this, the 77th anniversary of the World’s Greatest Detective. And so began:

The Thang (part 1 – The Bat Mile)

1 lap around the track

100 x Merkins (heroes gotta have guns)

1 lap around the track

100 x Squats (heroes gotta leap tall buildings)

1 lap around the track

100 x LBCs (heroes gotta have abs)

1 lap around the track

Then a quick descriptor before launching into Phase II:

The Thang (part 2 – Gotham v. Arkham)

Teams of 3

#1 at one end of the gridiron banging out cinderblock exercises, #2 at the other end crushing bodyweight exercises, #3 runs from one end to the other to relieve. Rinse & repeat.


1. Mt. Climbers

2. Sit-ups w/ punch

3. Calf raises

4. Jumping Lunges

5. Side Plank Crunch


1. Jack Webbs

2. Dips

3. Goblet Squats

4. Traveling Merkins

5. Tricep Extesions

The Thang (part 3 – being a hero takes “testicular fortitude”)

We felt the “call of the wall” on the way back to the #ShovelFlag so we divided up into dynamic duos and launched into a little extra credit:

Hero: Balls to The Wall

Sidekick: 25 yard dash into 5 Merkins; relieve & switch

Rinse & Repeat x 3

Back to the Bat Cave for:

6MOG (6 Minutes of Gary)

Tclaps to Strange Brew for naming YHC’s favorite Ab Workout; Gary’s Flaxbdominal Murder-fest. It goes like this:

Heels @ 6″ for 30 seconds

3 x Rising Pulsators

3 x Rising Flutter Kicks

Heels @ 6″ for 30 seconds

Single Leg Crunches (20 x each leg)

Heels @ 6″ for 30 seconds

10 x Right Leg Raises

10 x Left Leg Raises

5 count as we flop over into:

30 second plank

15 x Pickle Pushers

30 second elbow plank

15 x Pickle Pushers

30 x Dying Cockroach

5 count as we flop over into:

50 x Pulsators


Tclaps to the PAX that could serve the Paint The Town initiative; important service and honorable work by Butt Fumble to coordinate the service project.

You guys are all heroes in my book. Thanks for the opportunity to serve my brothers from different mothers. Aye!

Tommy Boy

PAX: 09/17/16

QIC: avatar_box