Highly anticipated….and YHC anticipates your attendance to make F3 New Bern’s launch of epic proportions.  SO HC NOW.  I have scoured you tube this morning and one thing that caught my eye was The Rocky IV training video.  If you notice in the scenes, Drago has all the creature comforts; his nation, his trainers, his gym, all the machines, all the “stuff” it takes to be the best at what he does.  Rocky has his friends, a shed, rocks, a horsecart, and the outdoors.  We all know who wins. It draws a lot of similarities to gym rats, “fitness” gurus, and paying to get better physically.  The worst part is there is such a backsliding nature to that way of thinking and working out for most people.  In episodes 1 and 3, Rocky loses and has to make a decision on how to respond.  In the end, his old rival becomes his mentor, and as friends wins back the heavyweight championship belt.  Because that friend was killed in the ring, Rocky overcomes overwhelming odds and wins against Drago.  We can relate a fondness to his character because he has the bigger heart.  He wins because all aspects of his character gets better during each movie.  F3 draws huge parallels to this because getting fit is a unilateral way of thinking and is hard to stay motivated.  But if it is part of a process, working with your mind, heart, and soul, and more importantly accomplished with friends, and even more importantly FOR friends, then we see that Rocky is the embodiment of the 3 Fs.  Tomorrow we have the opportunity to share that way of thinking with guys in New Bern.  It’s why we keep coming out and why we are concerned for those that we haven’t seen out in a while.  It’s why several car loads of us are getting up even earlier than normal and travelling to “workout”.  It’s why I’m typing this pre blast.  I hope to see as many of you guys as possible. Time to “give it away”  to some lucky men.

What: F3 New Bern launch 9-17-16

Where: New Bern High School front parking lot

When: Gather at 0655, Hard Start 0700, Hard Stop 0800

Who: The Pax of F3 nation, especially Carterico and ENC, and any FNG

Why: See the above

Preview:  Chaser’s #Big Bang 1st F Workout

Gloves are recommended and please for the love of God wash those damn things tonight so the Ball of Men can be a bit more pleasant.  SYITG!

PAX: Steamer, coQ Gilligan

QIC: 9-17-16