26 veteran PAX posted for the beat down this morning in near ideal conditions.  Humidity still high, but the Fall weather is almost here.


SSH x 25 (IC)

Sun gods, forward x 15 (IC)

Sun gods, reverse x 15 (IC)

Moseyed down Starmount Dr, continued warm-o-rama in field:

Don Quixote x 15 (IC)

Hillbilly x 15 (IC)

Mountain Climber x 15 (IC)

Burpee x 7 (OYO)

Moseyed further down Starmount Dr for

The Thang

Counted off by four and broke out to the four stations set up in the field.  Exercises at each station performed individually, but groups stayed intact from station to station.

Station #1:

Star Jack x 20

Plank Jack x 20

Double-Wide Merkin x 20

Prisoner Squat x 20

Plank until group is done

Lt. Dan to next station

Station #2:

Diamond Merkin x 20

Body Builder x 15 (crowd pleaser!)

Gorilla Humper x 15

Parker Peter x 15

Al Gore until group is done

Bear Crawl to next station

Station #3:

Turkish Get-Up x 15

Carolina Dry Dock x 20

Dying Cockroach x 15

Mountain Climber x 20

Star Plank until group is done

Backwards bear crawl to next station

Station #4:

Mogul x 15

Crab Cake x 20

Hand Release Merkin x 20

Lunge w/ Twist x 15

Al Gore until group is done

Inch Worm to next station


LBC x 25 (IC)

Scissor Kick x 15 (IC)

Freddie Mercury x 25 (IC)

Low Dolly x 15 (IC)

American Hammer x 25 (IC)




1) October 8th, Miles for Matthew 5k/10k, fun for the whole family!  Trying to get strong F3 representation!

2) Sunday morning Sole Crusher will meet at Lindley Elementary for the next couple weeks leading up to Miles for Matthew to practice the course.

3) Tuesday morning Arise @ Grace United Methodist Church, Friendly Ave & Edgeworth St.  Kilowatt and Wojo have the next two Qs.  Service opportunity following, setting up tables and chairs for breakfast for the hungry! (~5 minutes)

4) Paint the Town this weekend!  Community Housing Solutions

Also check Twitter feed, 3rd F email, or contact Slum Lord

5) 3rd F immediately following at Harris Teeter, Friendly Shopping Center, going through Freed to Lead.

Awesome effort this morning, PAX.  A privilege to lead.


PAX: Gunny, T-Rex, Paula Deen, Dueling Banjos, Streamer, Prophet, Beaker, Explosion, Truth, Leverage, HUD, Huey, Anchor, Fanny, Hoser, Corn Hole, Nancy, Ripken, Golden Coral, Refi, Cheesy Poof, Don’t Cha Know, Ashley, Splinter, Amphibious, Calculus (QIC)

QIC: Calculus