With news of the Clown sightings BF took extra precaution while setting up the Thang down in the pitch black park.  He made sure that the Glock 19 was chambered as I can assure you that Bozo was not leaving with breath in his lungs has there been a sighting!!!!! The pax later woke up and joined me for yet another Wednesday morning which we call Hump Day.  But what to my wandering eyes did appear, not a clown, but one FNG, EH’d by non other then StageFright.  Great work guys getting out of bed on a beautiful 70 degree morning to come fellowship and get better mid week.  Without further delay here is what went down in the gloom at Jaycee Park………

Mosey – Down to the park gate

Warm O Rama

SSH x 25

HillBilly x 20

Lucky 7’s (7 Diamond,Regular,Wide Merkins)

Crab Cakes x 20

Mountain Climbers x 30

Windmills x 15

Lunge Gods x 20

Mosey into the darkness to the big hill and form teams of 3

The Thang

Partner A stays at the top of the hill to perform the exercise while Partner B runs from top to bottom to relieve Partner C who was performing the exercise listed at the bottom of the hill – P.S. Don’t forget when you get to the Bottom or Top to relieve your partner – Daisy can thank Butt Fumble for the extra credit he had to do as he forgot to mention he was back – and so it went….

Up                                           Down

Parker Peters                          Peter Parkers

LBC’s                                       Dying CockRoach

Squats                                     Lunges

Diamond Merkins                     Wide Merkins

Freddie Mercury                      High Dolley

Lieutenant Dans                     Squat Storm Troopers

Burpees                                  Plank Jacks

Marge Homer                          WWII Situps

Mosey – Double Applesauce after the gate back to the Shovel Flag. Daphne asked what do you do when you get caught with the Farmer’s Daughter and the Jailbreak commenced…

Plank on the 6 and just in time for a one exercise Mary

American Hammer x 25

31 Natville Pax and one new brother “The Package” made excellent work of what Natty’s had to offer.  It was an honor to be with you guys. #giveitaway #ironsharpensiron


Butt Fumble

COT: Daphne

PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 09/07/2016