I am starting to realize that F3 is more than fitness. Really its about creating a group of guys in their communities, to do good in our homes, churches, and towns. So I tried to create a workout that’s more than a workout. Well, lofty aspirations, but let’s see how it turned out in the gloom…

SSH 20x to wait for Polo. He was wearing a long sleeve because he said he’s cold…It was a freezing 75 degrees out here.

mosey to the usual warmarama spot

carolina dry docks IC 20x

monkey humpers IC 20x

Thang 1: pogo40,
Lonely workout, to capture the state of the sad clown. With no one to work out with, he does partner bropee and patty cake merkins with fern.
7 times going up and down the small hill

2x bropee w/ fern top of hill to celebrate reaching the plateau

5x pattycake merkin w/ fern on bottom of hill, once sad clown regains his weight

The PAX didn’t care for the explanation, its too early in the morning. Note to self: simplify.
Thang 2: 1st F
Only by working together, can we truly become the mighty soldiers we were meant to be. Therefore our challenge must be worthy of PAX’s resolve.

Burpie ladder. Burpie and jump squats, starting with 1 rep each, then 2, 3 … 10 then back down to 1. We did this a month ago and PAX had difficulty (except SlumLord!!!). Here is what happened.

— I let PAX work up to 7.

— stop when 7 is finished, each PAX encourage 2 other PAX as rest

— then complete 8,9,10

— when 10 is finished, superman 30s, left side hip raises 10x, superman 30s, right side hip raises 10x,

— partner up to do 9,8,7

— when 7 is completed, Snooki gave 10-count

— then finish the rest of the burpie ladder

— completed 114 burpies!!
— as far as I know, everyone completed the burpie ladder. We can do a lot some encouragement and accountability!
Thang 3: 2nd F
2nd F involves getting to know one another. PAX ran to basket ball court, form circle of Al Gore, and told every one how they got their F3 names. PAX thought it was interesting. Notable was Sir Charles, he got his name because he has lot of kids, so he was named Sir Charles because he has enough to make a basketball team.
MOM: 3rd F
3rd F involves faith, and the momentum for leadership. I tried to get PAX to volunteer abs workout.
Mosey back to shovel flag.
Snooki volunteered for LSF
SlumLord volunteered for Marge/Homer
Tweezers volunteered for American Hammer, but he tried to change the speed on us. Very painful :`(
SlumLord asked us not to forget 9/11
SlumLord: This Saturday 9/15, paint old lady’s house, Grace Community Church at 8:30
Jitter Bug: 3rd F Chips on Q, at Panera at Lawndale. I actually went and thought it was really meaningful. We opened up the PAX prayer requests and prayed over each of them. Then went through a quick devotion from Oswald Chambers.
Snooki: Oct 1st, breakfast at Westminster Presbyterian on Friendly Avenue to talk about F3 and encourages PAX to come. More details to come.
Nomad has Q for next week, Polo is next Q.
Snooki’s Dad is out of hospital, but can’t drive. Cousin just passed away, and need our prayers.
Stretch led us out, ball-of-man. Funny thing happened while we were praying, a car was waiting on us to finish praying, so we all moved to the left, while ball-of-man, and then Stretch finished the COT. First time I have seen that!

PAX: Bulldog

QIC: 9/12/16