15 PAX came to school one day to learn their colors and shapes.  The all seemed to learn from the experience and by the end most would earn a passing grade.


The Pax moseyed out onto the road to play in traffic and then back to the parking lot for the warm up.

20 SSH

15 Hillbillies

15 Sun Gods (both Directions)

15 Chinooks

The Thang:

The Pax looked excited to learn!! Today they were going to learn their shapes and colors.   We split into 2 groups of 6.  1 member of each group ran to a table at the far end of the parking lot and retrieved a flash card.  They ran back and had to identify the Color and the Shape on the card.  The group then all completed the color exercise.  The next member ran for his card while the rest of the group then completed the shape exercise until they returned.

Green                    1 Burpee

Yellow                   2 Burpees

Red                        3 Burpees

Purple                   1 Double Mercin Burpee

Blue                       2 Double Mercin Burpees

Brown                   5 Diamond Mercins

Orange                  10 Mercins


Square                  SSH

Triangle                Mountain Climbers

Circle                     Crunchy Frogs

Star                       Low Slow Flutters

Diamond              Alternating Shoulder Taps

Rectangle             Peter Parkers

Rabbit Card          Recess


The 6 member groups completed between 2-3 rotations before it was time for recess.  For recess the pax ran over to the playground!!!  They completed:


10 pullups

20 pushups

30 dips



Mary began with Story time from TPS (15 Crab Cakes)

The mean teacher then took over and the pax completed:

20 Low dolly

20 Crunchy Frog

25 American Hammers



  • Congratulations to the teams who completed the Blue Ridge Relay!!
  • Huffy is doing a MS Bike ride to raise money for the MS Society. He is selling raffle tickets to win a New bike.  See him if you are interested.
  • Kilos for Kids from Dream on 3 cross fit is Oct 1st. Need a partner to participate.  It is at Kernersville Cross Fit.  org for more info
  • 8th Miles for Mathew Run for Muscular Dystrophy.
  • 8th Buddy walk for Children with Down Syndrome.
  • Bodett will be looking to pass the AO Site Q duties on as his year is almost up. Many thanks to Bodett for leading a great AO!!!!
  • Huffy on the Q at Lunatic Fringe

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.



PAX: Cecil

QIC: 09/12/2016