After an introduction and F3 disclaimer with a “keep it clean” no law suit thrown in there, we moseyed to the parking lot at Parkway Dental Suites for some warm-o-rama.


SSH IC x 20

Sungods 11 forwards/11 reverse

Merkins x 10 IC (20 total)

Windmills slow IC x 10

Toy soldiers IC x 15

We then moseyed over to the steps at First Presbyterian for the Thang. Planked for the six.

The Thang:

Perform 1st exercise, run up the steps and back down, then perform exercise 2 AND 1. Run back up and down then exercise #3, #2 AND #1. Continue this down the list of exercises. 10 reps of each exercise each time.


1. Burpees (crowd favorite being the 1st exercise)

2. LBC’s

3. Wojo Squats

4. Merkins

5. American Hammer

6. Lunges

7. Peter Perkins

8. SSH

9. Plank Jacks

Most PAX were close to finishing all exercises, while some sugar rays finished all exercises and then partnered up to work back through the list.

2 lines for an Indian run back to the shovel flag for Mary. Jail break called after cars forced us to the sidewalk. Moseyed back to pick up the 6 for Mary (great call Explosion).


High boat/low boat x 10 each

Crunchy Frog IC x 20

American Hammer IC x 20

What a pleasure to lead this morning! Thanks men! – Hermey


– Crab legs (VQ) at Shakeweight tomorrow

– Nancy on the Q at Arise

– Miles for Mathew October 8th! You can go to OFF and Running to sign up (day before, morning of or before). If you want a T-shirt = get your order in SOON = deadline September 24th. Order size 1 LARGER

– Devotion on Mondays at Panera Lawndale 6:30

– T-claps to BBR F3 brothers. Lots of devotion and work preparing and running the relay!

Paula Dean took us out with a great prayer!

PAX: Jordache, Carb Legs, Golden Corral, Boy Wonder, Ripkin, Dr. Phil, Explosion, Tammy, J-Love, War Damb Eagle, Avocado, Amphibious, Girth, Chips, Maneater, Earl, Bundle, Lynda, Cheesy Poof, Gilligan, Blue Oyster, Minnie Mouse, Lightyear, Paula Dean, Daisy, Birds Nest, and Hermey (Q)

QIC: Hermey