20 – Side Straddle Hop

15 – Monkey Humpers

20 – Mountain Climbers

10 – Sun Gods (forward & reverse)


The Thang:


From the shovel flag mosey up Beverly to Madison. Sprint to West Avondale, mosey to East Avondale, sprint to Homewood. PAX continued down Homewood at a mosey pace to the entrance of Lindley Park at the next to the Wendover on ramp.


PAX were instructed to partner up for the morning’s main event ‘The Shield’ in honor of the NFL’s season opener later that evening. Instructions: Partner A ran the length of Starmount Dr (the base of the shield) to the other end of the park, rally point two. The Partner B ran west on Market St (the chief of the shield) to meet their partner at the other end of the park, rally point one. First PAX to rendezvous locations planked until his partner arrived. PAX then had a ten count rest until they headed back out along the Shield. Partner A ran east on Madison and Partner B ran east on Starmount Dr, rendezvous back at the original starting spot.  Rinse and Repeat, until time was called and the group met rally point one for a mosey back to the shovel flag.



20 – LBCs

15 – Low Dollies

15 – American Hammers



Nancy – Prayer for BRR participants this weekend

Sole Crusher is moved to Lindley Elementary in prep for Miles for Matthew

Explosion – Uptown Funk Friday 9/9, folk music inspired workout. Shovel flag moved to Local Honey AO because of the Folk Music Festivals downtown set-up.

Cheesy Poof – Q needed for Stampede 9/15. Explosion volunteered.

Magic – Arise, next week with Nancy Q 9/13, great opportunity for a workout followed by service to help feed 150 people at the a downtown breakfast. Tables and chairs set-up time under five minutes!

Sir Charles – Mom, Betty, is cancer free after her battle this year.

Cheesy Poof – Prayers for his friend, Brian, who’s cancer has come back for a third time.



Maneater took us out.


Honor to lead this group!





PAX: 3 for 1, I-Beam, Maneater, Explosion, Cheey Poof, Nancy, Primer, Mistrial, Magic, Sir Charles, T-Rex,

Leverage (Q)

QIC: Leverage