5 ruckers gathered at Mendenhall at 0615 to get the day started with some good livin’. Stretchin’ music w Jimmy Buffet in honor of J Love being present. Short to no intro but couldn’t resist quoting my favorite disclaimer heard last week from Goober, a third generation attorney from Beaufort. Trying to imitate the down eastern draw “I am not a professional. You can sue me, but, you will lose. And you will probably end up owing us a little money”

Warm A Rama (no ruck on)

Windmills (slow) x 10 IC

Cottton Pickers(slow) X 10 IC

Left Leg hold X 10 count, Right leg Hold X 10 count

Downward Dogarama w variation of stretching thrown in

Warmed up, the tunes go off and rucks go on. Time to go to work, we mosey out on Willoughby towards Elm Street. Stop a 1/4 mile under light post to warm up the shoulders since they were neglected at warmarama.

Sun Gods Forward X 10 IC, Sea Gulls X 10 IC, Sun Gods Back X 10 IC

Plank positions and Merkins were started until a car came along and Wilson communicated in a few eloquent words that Merkins in the middle of Willoughby is really just not that smart of an idea. So we continue the mosey towards Elm St and at the end pick up our first coupon.

20 lb slam ball to be past around by the 5 man unit. Butt Fumble took off and treated the ball like it was nothing and challenged the rest of the pax to keep up. We went up Elm St to Sherwood Swim and Raquette club where we found our second coupon – 35 lb kettle bell. Before continuing the mosey to Page we do

Low Slow Flutters IC X 20

Mosey to Page picking up last coupon 1/4 mile out which is a 40 lb Kettle Bell and continue rotating the coupons around the pax with our slow mosey towards the Page Stadium. We arrive to the stadium around 6:35 to a full parking lot and the lights on. It was an Army Reserve PT test going on so we joined in. (not really) We did our own thing as they worked on the field we hit the large concrete steps and did 10 “hills” as the legendary Coach Kirby called them. Up and Down was 1. These steps are double steps and made of solid concrete. It burns. Coach Kirby always said he could promise us one thing “you will be in better shape than any other team we play” He believed in controlling what you can, like fitness level. Summer practice began with 25 hills (after practice) and would go down each day 24,23 etc. This was a big part of the reason Page dominated high school football in NC through the 80’s and 90’s!

After 10 step hills we did 5 more bear crawl style and then picked up the coupons to head back to Sherwood back parking lot. Dropped the two kettlebells there and did-

Merkins X 25 single count

Continue mosey w slam ball back to corner of Elm and Willoughby and then deposit ball back in the bushes and proceed back to the shovel flag at Mendenhall.

We arrived back to flag as the guys for Rainbow Dash were starting to gather so a proper COT was not performed since we would do one at the end of the Dash. Instead the Q shared some leadership and problem solving strategies shared by the Go Ruck Cadre at the Asheville HTL. It isn’t exact but goes something like this-

-Identify the problem and visualize it.

-Over communicate with teammates. possible solutions and outcomes to those solutions

-Implement the solution with the team with an intent of winning

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Since the COT was botched by the Q there was not anything announced after the ruck.
  • apologies for the false advertising on not much mosey and then putting in 2 miles.
  • T-Claps to Jitterbug for gathering the coupons and bringing back to the flags. YHC was so smoked after the Rainbow Dash I would have forgot them for sure.
  • great effort by all and  especially Wilson for doing another 3.8 mi at the Rainbow Dash on top of the ruck.
  • We are going to miss 3 for 1 and our best wishes to you on your trip to Ireland. If anyone can start F3 over there it is you. All you need to do is infiltrate a gym, join a spin class and wait for it to bust up. Just kidding,  I don’t know who would do something like that.

An honor and a blessing for me to lead the pax this morning,


PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 09/10/16