So TPS is posting the back blast because Streamer said he couldn’t use his computer until he bought a new monitor because of all the White out on the existing one. (Backspace buddy – #comeonman )

7 PAX were ready on time. some were regulars but Streamer had worked hard all week bringing out some of the faithful from other AO’s.

WARM-O-RAMA – usual

Streamer reintroduced a TPS favorite circle of hate ( each PAX selects their least favorite exercise for the group while the selector does 10 BURPEES ) mid circle Redemption joined us hernia and all. (someone buy him a new watch battery.

We then moseyed to the track for the BLIMS mile (increasing count – winding up and back down). Butt Fumble and O-Zone led the pack, planking to regroup after each completed lap.

The group then ran over to pay tribute to the new COUGAR sign on the wall with a peoples chair and  balls to the wall.

Lastly, moseyed to the lot for Mary where we did PAX choose next exercise. We threw in some plank jacks since they were omitted from the BLIMS mile.

COT – Butt Fumble took us out

Notes: remember Judy’s chair, Miles for Matthew, Down Syndrome Charity Walk (see Double Check) and all prayer requests known and unknown.

PAX: Streamer, Magic, Ozone, Butt Fumble, Thurmonator, TPS, Redemption, Heisenberg

QIC: Streamer