70’ish degrees and a beautiful star filled predawn sky greeted the #Natville Lunatics as they gathered together with assorted weights, bands and #mumblechatter.  It’s been too long since YHC joined the fun on Fridays at GDS, so it was good to be back.  Hopefully the Q’s plans will serve the PAX well to finish off the week.

We gathered the weights on the near side of the track.  Without any FNG’s, the disclaimer was brief as we began a mosey around the track.  YHC did take the opportunity to remind the PAX of the F3 mission during our travels to the far side of the track and congratulate them on choosing to swallow the #DRP and continue being #HIMs.

On the far side of the track, we stopped by a list of exercises to begin the:

Warmarama Part 1:

SSH x 25 IC

Monkey Humpers x 25 IC (better in the dark)

Sun gods sobriety style x 10 each direction IC

YHQ paused the Warmarama to point out which exercises will be performed on this side of the track.

Another mosey brought us back to the parking lot side of track for:

Warmara Part 2:

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC (Q getting old)

Crescent Lunge Each Leg with a couple twists (almost Bro Yoga, but not quite)

Chinooks x 10 IC each direction (enjoy the sky view and little dipper!)

Satisfactorily warm, the PAX were ready to partner up for:

The Thang:

Partner A performs the first exercise with weights on parking lot side of track: AMRAP.  Partner B runs across the field and performs 25 reps of the first exercise on the far side of the field, runs back to switch with partner.  Each partner will perform each exercise before proceeding to the next one on the list.

Side 1 (AMRAP):

Sumo Squats

Kettle Bell Swing (seems to last forever waiting on a partner)

1 Hand Clean and Press

Sumo Deadlift

Dumbbell Bridge to Press to Pullover

SSH x 5 to High-Knee Run x 5 each leg to Mt. Climber x 5 each leg #takescoordination

Kneeling 1-Arm Curl to Press to Stand

Long Jump to Hop Back to Skater (one each leg)

Side 2: (25 reps)



Crunchy Frogs


LSF (each leg)


Plank Jacks


Somewhere along the line, Boones Farm noted the absence of #mumblechatter. YHC sure hopes it was due to a #smokefest well planned and not #boredom.

The PAX crushed all eight rounds in time to head off for a little:


X & O x Q lost count #mumblechatter back

Freddy Mercury x 25 IC

Side Raises x 15 each side IC (ain’t no stinkin Cindy Crawford; needs a name)

Merican Hammer x 15 IC

Announcements: Slum Lord reminded all of the service opportunities coming up, especially Paint the Town. Unfortunately my phone is now out of order, so the recording is gone at the time of writing BB, my memory is always fuzzy, so I’m probably missing some items.

Always an honor to lead the PAX, especially in our fine #Natville locations. Great job men! Fartsack denied, HIMs at work, community to be impacted!



PAX: Boones Farm, Wildcat, Avocado, Slum Lord, Bulldog, 3-for-1, Jitterbug, Huffy, Brown Noser, War Eagle, Slag, Buggy, Chips

QIC: Chips