What: Convergence of the Hero Patriot and Slick Cam and the Chum Run

When: 9/10/16, meet in the parking lot at 0655, hard start 0700, hard stop 0800. Chum Run first heat launches at 0830

Where: Dunes Club, Atlantic Beach for the convergence.  Atlantic Beach Circle for the Chum Run.

Who: Any man and an FNG.

Why: Summer is winding down and this is the last beach workout for 2016.  If you hate sand be a baller and suck it up. Plus Misty is double posting and Doogie loves this shit and will be emotional because he will have to wait until May 2017 for more Slick Cam.  At the Chum Run, Big Mick has some Chick Fil A for F3 bros finishing first amongst one another in the following weight classes: Under 200, 200-250, over 250, and My T’s weight class.  YHC will not dangle any such delights only pain.

Forecast: Probably wonderful

Preview: Sand and water! Definitely recommend a change of clothes and towels.  There is not an excuse to fartsack tomorrow.


PAX: 289

QIC: Steamer