Thursday Sept 8th – Murph Work Out

Jesse Wharton School


Gather at Shovel Flag

Warm Up 5 minutes at SF

Thang: As follows: 10 sets

100 pull-ups – 5 Full reps, 5 Scapula Raises

200 push-ups – 5 Regular, 5 Diamond, 5 Wide, 5 Archer

300 Squats – 10 Deep , 10 Shallow, 10 Split Jumps

All running done between sets to complete the two miles required.

Mary: AH IC Tclapps to Scooch!


SYITG – Come on out and play!

One year anniversary approaching rapidly, I will be seeking to pass the torch as Site Q to a member of the Pax that would like to carry on the effort in support of a great beat down and an even better cause….


PAX: Wicked

QIC: 09/08/16