25 PAX arrive from various parking places to take on a folk music inspired uptown funk.Thanks to Bird’s Nest for the G2 on parking conditions and Wide Left for catching a few at GCM. By Warma-Rama we were a solid PAX. Rumor has it that Fletch and Valentine were cruising the Elm Street Festival corridor looking for the PAX. Conflicting stories attribute them to just beyond the Fox 8 and NBC camera set up doing some sort of pose down in the far view of the television shot. #marketingcommittee

All of that aside the morning began with a brief announcement that this would be a bit of a different workout. YHC said the brief disclaimer and then proceeded from the parking lot opposite Local Honey in mosey north on Green Street then east on Lindsay to VF Jeansware parking lot where the Wrangler stage was getting ready for sound checks and the local news cameras were preparing for our boys in marketing. We took up position in the shadow of the beer (#alreadythirsty) ticket sales tent for some warm ups and workout intro:

  • Giant Arm Circles IC 10 forward and reverse
  • Parker Peter IC 20
  • Mountain Climbers IC 25
  • Merkin IC 10
  • SSH IC 20
  • Windmill IC 15
  • Plank for workout explanation: During today’s Folk Festival workout our inspiration is Paul Simon’s Bridge Over Troubled Water whose lyrics state:

“I’m on your side, oh, when times get rough

And friends just can’t be found

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will lay me down”


Our Challenge is to live Third. Our workout practice would become being that bridge. #GetUsedToPlank



A Pearls on a Sting style workout with Q attempting to provide string (short run segments) and Pearl (workout pieces) insuring 6 is kept in fold. (http://f3nation.com/2016/02/22/pearls-on-a-string-2/)We began with String (run) over to parking lot adjacent to Rental Shop on Smith Street. Set up availed itself to Four Corners :

  1. BLIM

Burpee (10) in Corner 1

Lunge from corner 2 to corner 3

Imperial walkers (25) in Corner 3

Merkins in Corner 4; run back to corner 1

2 laps completed before we gathered and moseyed down Smith Street toward Diner.

Collected 6 with some Low Slow Flutters on the way and turned up Battleground toward town.

2. Is the Wall Falling Down?

On High alert the PAX provided two tests to the Beacon Property Management Building large brick wall at 408 Battleground.

  • Ascending Testicles. Some quality mumble chatter about the naming and choice of the exercise. Are the boys ascending or descending? Either way it did not feel good.
    • Legs at 10 degrees against brick wall and 10 derkins
    • Legs at 45 degrees and 10 derkins
    • Legs as close to wall as possible and 10 derkins
  • Peoples Chair immediately followed for a few minutes of “active recovery”

We were off like a herd of lunging tele-mark skiers as we lunged our way south 30 yards to the Lindsay intersection then took turns at partner carry for 1/10 mile to Green Street where the PAX waited in SSH for the 6

3. Time to keep the Spiral ramp in place

After moseying south on Battleground but with time “on our hands” the PAX pulled into the Spiral ramp for a brief Switzer instruction on our Plank Indian Run.

  • PAX line up in plank  facing entrance to Spiral ramp. Head to toe
  • Last man sprint to front Indian Run style and fall into Plank at new front of line
  • Q called progression of exercises to keep planking interesting.
    • Right arm up, left arm, regular, reverse plank. bear crawl, Merkins
  • After about 8 minutes (felt longer… damn bridge over water idea!) Hackman and Butt Fumble took us across the threshold atop the ramp
  • PAX mosey back down and returned to SF

4. Mary.

  • Wilson dialed up his low slow flutters for 40 IC and then asked for a 30 count while holding low. To his amazement the oxygen depleted PAX provided a count of 10 and then another count to 20. But heck it worked!
  • 25 American Hammers finished things off before Name-O-Rama


  • 2,3rd F lunch each Friday. 12-12:40 Sharp. J-Love site Q on Reading Bible. AO: Search Ministries
  • 3rd F 17 Sept. Community Housing Solutions. Mary Lou’s house in Glenwood gets painted. F3 has our name on the whole house. Carve some time please to paint this place and make a difference. Post at 8:15am Grace United Methodist Church. See Butt Fumble for details. #serve with 2.0 and M
  • 1st F;  3 workout on Saturday. Check out twitter for action.
  • Prayer Request: RIP gets knife (surgery) on Tuesday 13 Sept. Please lift him up.
  • 1st F, 3rd F: Bootcamp 5:30-6:15 at ARISE , Grace Community Church workout then 7 minutes of table setup. Qs lined up (13th= Nancy,20th Wojo, 27th Kilowatt). Just need you.
  • BRR boys. A hot sweaty day for you today. You remain in our prayers through the night and day tomorrow. May your feet be Swift, you Will be Firm, and the beer at the end cold !


Amphibious took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve as your Q today and for your awesome efforts.




PAX: 0

QIC: 3