On a perfect Thursday morning 22 PAX including YHC took on the Sweat Angel weights only (running not allowed) workout. Here’s how it went down:


  • Imperial Walker x 15IC
  • Sun Gods x 20IC ea direction
  • Don Quixote x 15IC
  • Toy Soldier x 10IC
  • Spine Stretch x 30 seconds ea. direction


Cycle through sets of 3 exercises 3 times and then a core exercise before moving to the next section of 3 different exercises.

  • Circuit 1 (3 Sets)
    • Overhead Press x 12 ea. arm
    • Bent Row x 12 ea. arm
    • Goblet Squat x 20
  • Core – WWI Sit-up with Weight x 20
  • Circuit 2 (3 Sets)
    • Bicep Curl x 12 ea. arm
    • Lateral Raise x 12 ea. arm
    • Lt, Dan’s x 10
  • Core – V-Core Hold for 90 seconds
  • Circuit 3 (3 Sets)
    • Tricep Kickback x 12 ea. arm
    • Table Press x 12 ea. arm
    • AL Gore x 90 seconds
  • Core – American Hammer w/ Weight x 30IC
  • Super Set
    • Overhead Press x 10 ea. arm
    • Bicep Curl x 10 ea. arm
    • Bent Row x 10 ea. arm


  • WWI Sit-up with Weight x 20IC


  1. Big Mitt – Starting Monday at Muirs Chapel Methodist Church – BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for men. Starts at 6:55 p.m. and goes to 8:55 p.m. Daycare drop off available at the church for kids if needed.
  2. J Love – starting tomorrow at the SEARCH Office between Moe’s off Battleground – F3 Bible Study runs from 12:00 – 12:45 p.m. The plan is go through the Bible over a 2 year period taking time to grow in the word. Bring your lunch with you.
  3. Hitman – thanked the entire Natville F3 PAX for their prayers as he went through emergency surgery and is now feeling much better
  4. RIP – asked for prayers as he has a minor surgery next Tuesday


  1. Missed seeing some of the regulars Bodett, Snookie, and our leader of this AO – Long Time
  2. Great seeing Hitman back out in the gloom
  3. TClaps Fannie for extra credit running prior to the workout
  4. Thanks to Big Mitt, Drago, Poehler, JLove, and Stage Fright for helping YHC with some rep counts.
  5. Great seeing Virus out in the gloom getting the Knee back in top shape
  6. Thanks Jitter Bug for taking the weights to be used for Lunatic Fringe tomorrow
  7. TClaps to the entire group of 22 for a great effort this morning

COT – Fannie took us out! Thanks for the good word to get our day started.

As always a complete honor to serve a great group of guys

AYE, Sacked

PAX: Drago, Paula Dean, Lightyear, Poehler, Hitman, Flapjack, Stage Fright, RIP, On Time, Jordache, Virus, Face Plant, Pinto, Golden Corral, Fannie, Bundle, Play Dough, Jitter Bug, Bed Bug, Big Mitt, J Love, Sacked

QIC: Sacked