BOTOX brought the Jukebox Warm- arama and MOM plus he introduced the * Pax to some Planks they will not soon forget.  Here is how it went


Moseyed through the woods to Parking Lot by Pond-where we were veeeeeeery quiet.

WARM-O-Rama was done Jukebox Style each PAX pick a warm up.

Burpees X 5


Merkins X 15 IC

Hillbillies X 20 IC

Windmills X 20 IC

Peter PArker X 15 IC

Parker Peters X 20 IC (Cecil got carried away)

Chinooks X 20 IC

String Rippers X 1 IC

Moseyed Around pond to Amphitheater  -POLO really enjoyed the Mosey  THis is where THANG 1 AND THANG 2 Happened

THANG 1-PLANKS you wish were never invented-Video attached

THANG 2-Partner UP

Partner A runs the outside of Amphitheater while Partner B starts the Following Exercises;  THey switch after every Loop

Diamond Merkins

WOJO Squats

WWII situps

HAND release Merkins

Monkey Humpers

Freddy Mercury

Carolina Dry Docks

Moseyed Back to Shovel Flag Where we did Some Jukebox Marry

Crunchy Frogs

X & Os


Dying Cockroach



American Hammer-NOt our last exercise

Box Cutters

And we finished with Some SKI ABS-called by Cecil Great way to finish.


3rd F Starting Friday Sep 9th at Search Ministry office -READ THE BIBLE Program-Peer LEad with J-Love taking the lead,  Goes from 12-12:45.

UPtown funk meeting at Local Honey site due to Folk Festival

Pray for PAX doing BRR-No Injuries

Posted by Xerox For BOTOX


GREAT VQ BOTOX-Thanks for Stepping up.




PAX: 09/08/2016

QIC: avatar_box