From Defib’s Pen….

Here’s how it went down:

21 Pax showed up for another episode of the Smackdown, and it would’ve been easy to assume some running would take place with the Blue Ridge Relay upon us, but most may not have realized that today’s Q would be a BRR contestant; feeling a bit unprepared for the relay in the gloom this morning, and hoping to get in some upper body repetitions so that Boatshow wouldn’t completely deflate his self-proclaimed “machismo” appearance in a sleeveless tank. Even more surprising I imagine for the Pax was when the “SlumLord” arrived to wreak destruction and physical havoc, and began picking on some of the softer, more submissive members of the crew. Q suggests that for future workouts we may need security to be involved…

We began with some stretching, chatter then


SSH x 25





We then counted off Partners in 1s and 2s. After a short Mosey, your Q attempted an F3 official exercise called “Catch Me if You Can”. This involved partner 1 performing 5 Merkins while partner 2 runs backwards towards the lower baseball parking lot, then sprints to partner 2 for Flapjack. In the future Q will give a more appropriate disclaimer that in a dimly lit setting this exercise can be dangerous! A SlumLord/Amphibious collision created a “Man-Down” situation. Amphibious decided he was temporarily unfit to continue, and thus for the remainder of the Thang, 21 became 20.

We continued to Catch Me If you Can until we reached the Overpass and continued our Mosey to Lindley Elementary’s dirt track.

The Thang:

The Burpee Mile- Pretty certain it wasn’t a complete mile, but Q treated it as such.

Pax performed 12 Burpees each time we ran a lap around the track. The goal was to complete 4 laps and 48 Burpees, but Q realized time was creeping up on us and we were a long way from the Shovel Flag, so we called Omaha before everyone completed the Burpee Mile. Tclaps to those who did, no one really noticed all the Boatshow’ing. Correction, Showboating…(I can wear a freakin’ tank just as well as the next guy, but Showboat was rockin’ and he had plenty of cash for his checks!) Showboat completed his laps, burpees, and in all his glory performed a couple hundred self-inflicted Goblet Squats while patiently awaiting the 6. I just don’t understand why he has to then run so far out front, all alone with so many admiring the tank. Today he was a Stallion among Geldings, searching for his Mare up ahead in the Moonlight. Win it for us, Mr. Show!!

-We mosey’d back to the Shovel Flag to collect Boatshow & Amphibious, who had licked his wounds enough and was ready to get his workout on!

We partnered again for a short exercise: Partner 1 ran to perform 5 pull-ups on the playground then run back and flapjack with Partner performing Low Dolly on the basketball court.


Freddie Mercury’s

Gas Pump

Chilcutt Plank for 60 count

American Hammer


Michael’s Run (See SlumLord for details)

Judy’s Chair – Butt Fumble (Eric Hecht) contact him (or “Go Fund Me”) with donations for her chair

Paint the Town – Sept 17 (Glenwood community- meet at Grace Church

Miles for Matthew (October 8) – Encourage all F3 guys to sign up with F3 Greensboro -5K or 10K

***Uptown Funk Announcement **Friday AM –Due to Folk Festival this weekend all “Funkers” will gather at Commerce & Bellemeade St (@F3 Local Honey Location)


A more sensitive version of SlumLord took us out.

Thanks to all you guys who came out today. It was an honor and a privilege to serve as Q.




PAX: 212

QIC: Girth, Hackman, Huey, Don’t-cha-know, Golden Corral, Explosion, Amphibious, Cornhole, Calculus, Fannie, Elsa, Paula Deen, Cavity, SlumLord, Dean, Boatshow, Nancy, Bulldog, War Damn Eagle, Avocado