Several of us got together for a bit of a POST beat down from yesterdays Convergence Q’ed by our friend I Beam. No weights were required. Here is how it went this morning:

We started out with a mosey around the darkened underground lot. We included butt kickers, striders and got the blood flowing. Here is the 6 exercises we began with:

Sun Gods; Don Quixotes; Imperial Squat Walkers, Knerkins, LBC’s and Alligator merkins. We then counted off by 2 and did 2 burpies OYO before heading up the stairs. At the top of the stairs we separated to Suicides or Goblet Squats and Perfect Push ups. Thanks to my roomie for unknowingly letting me us her Perfect Pushup stands.

The were had some fun with peoples chair against the wall and thanks to Yard Art for agreeing to walk across the Pax MASSIVE Thighs (?) We could not leave before doing some balls to the wall and counting off to about 35. After that fun was over we went down the stairs to another fun experience with 1 running to the left in the garage and 2 running to the right. Came to the middle and did a few minutes with planks with Plank Push ups and I found a great quote on Facebook this am: Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better !

Next we of course ended with MARY and thanks to Bed Bug and others for helping with flutters, Lt Dans, Marge and Homers and our favorite; American Hammers.

Thanks again for allowing me to Q. Always an honor and the chatter was appreciated this am. My father is home resting and his hospital stay was a lot more serious than we knew. God willing he has many days ahead and he is not able to drive until Thanksgiving. Life goes on…




PAX: Snookie

QIC: 09/06/206