On a cool morning 9 PAX showed up at the Cadet Lab today for a shoulder crushing workout with a nice dose of legwork and some ab work. YHC had the PAX staying within the lines for a long lunge/squat set and for a fun? bear crawl with multiple merkin set. Here is how it played out:



Hillbillies 20 IC

Frankensteins 20

Abe Vigodas 20 IC

Mosey to the shelter

Thang 1:  Synchronized Elevens

  • Dips and Derkins, but the Q calls out “Down” and the Pax counts, everybody together
    • A bit of mumblechatter on this one…and much thanks to Polo for helping YHC with the count #remedialQ

Mosey to the Concession Stand

Thang 2: Balls to the Wall Relay

  • Partner up
  • One partner balls to the wall, other partner runs out and back
  • Repeato 3x..Omaha to reduce the run each time #avoidfaceplant

Mosey to Parking Lot

Thang 3: Getting Leggy wit it…

  • Lunge walk to first parking lot line, touching knee gently
  • 3 Air Squats at each line
  • Repeat to end of lot
  • 20 monkey humpers
  • Return with lunges and squats to first line
  • 20 gorilla humpers

Mosey to walkway at cocession stand

Thang 4: Pub Crawl

  • 3 Merkins at first sidewalk crack
  • Bear crawl to second Crack
  • Repeat for 10 cracks, 30 Merkins
  • Plank for the six…or walk around with mumblechatter..

Thang 5: Burpee circle

  • Each pax completed three burpees starting from a plank position
  • Repeato from an Al Gore position

Mosey to Shelter

6 MOM with Benches

  • LBC with legs on benches 25 IC
  • Peter Parkers with feet on benches 15 IC
  • Side Pushups with feet on benches 10 IC, Flapjack
  • American Hammer 25 IC with feet on bench #crowdfavorite


Heisenberg took us out.


Keep Farside, Heisenberg and Wolverine and others in your prayers and see what you can do to help in their job searches.

Hump Day Happy Hour at the Tap Room in Greensboro on Battleground Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 or later. Come fellowship with the PAX and eat or have an adult beverage. 

Welcome Slag to the Cadet Lab.

Q schedule is open next week, contact Heisenberg to sign up.

Always an honor,


PAX: Botox, Wolverine, Mis-Fire, Polo, Convoy, Slag, Double Check, Heisenberg, Dr. Evil (Q)

QIC: Dr. Evil