Its that time of year, only this time it’s a little more pressing. YHC has done a fuel challenge in the past during August. This time my gout has pushed the importance of it all the more. For those of you that haven’t suffered from this ailment, you get it by bad eating choices. Yes, I could blame my body, but the truth is if I cautious about what I am eating, it doesn’t happen.

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in people who have high levels of uric acid in their blood. Uric acid forms needle like crystals in a joint and cause sudden severe pain and swelling. Monday I didn’t post because I couldn’t get my shoe on. It hurts, and its kind of embarrassing since you ought to be able to control it. And, you get a lot of “old man” jokes from your friends.

We will start Tuesday 9/6 so you have the weekend to get it out of your system. Here’s the deal:


The Challenge will give you a chance to test yourself with the support of your fellow men of F3. And maybe after 6 weeks, you will stick to the plan (or much of it) in order to live a healthier lifestyle. The program will have a base list of items that are prohibited during the six weeks as follows:

◾No ALCOHOL (yes, yes I know…)

◾No Fried Foods

◾No Fast Food (inc. Pizza)

◾No Red Meat

◾No Breads

◾No Potato Chips, Snack Foods, Etc.

◾No Desserts

◾No Sodas or Sweet Tea

This leaves many food and drink items available – no one will go hungry! Just eat/drink better.

You will receive ONE free pass per week – this could be a steak dinner, a pizza, or a drinking occasion, etc. – no carryovers though, the pass can only be used that week – try to use your weekly pass in moderation. (And remember, a free pass is for a MEAL not an ENTIRE DAY! You know who you are…)

Weekly Challenges

In addition, we will add WEEKLY CHALLENGES, beginning in week two. These may include dropping something else from your diet (such as dairy products or caffeine) or adding something to your routine.

◾WEEK ONE – Take this first week to begin The Challenge.

◾WEEK TWO to SIX – To be announced each week on the F3/Fuel site

If you are IN and ready to accept The Challenge, (either program) commit below (we highly encourage your M or Family to participate, as well).

Ok, so lets get this started. we are on week one, which is our starting point. Get the banned items out of your system, and shop for good groceries. Look for healthy tweets and info from YHC. And, most importantly, know that we are all in this together. Our intention is to support eachother and to get stronger by leaning on one another #IronSharpensIron.

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