Even with a wet forecast and Drizzle at the helm to increase the probability of rain, 18 PAX made their way out to Lunatic Fringe for combination of weights, running and soccer skills.  It actually felt great to feel a little glimpse of fall weather since it wasn’t blistering hot.

Warm A Rama:

SSH x15 IC

IW x15 IC

5 Burpees OYO

String Ripper x 15 IC

Sung gods x 12 IC F/B

Chinooks x 10 IC

We then carried the weights to the track nearest the parking lot in preparation for the Thang.

The Thang:

The PAX partnered up.  Five stations were placed along the track near the parking lot.  This was desinated as the stationary partner station.  Five stations were also placed in the same track lanes on the other side of the track (i.e. halfway around).  This was designated as the running partner station.  First partner ran to the other side of the track, completed the running partner exercise and then ran back to the stationary partner to relieve them.  Stationary partner then performed the role of the running partner.  Teams completed four or five of the exercises below:

Stationary Partner Exercises (performed until the partner returned):

Biceps Curls

Lawnmower rows

Lying chest press

Goblet squat


Running Partner Stations:

Prisoner get ups x20

San Antonio Shuffles x 15

Werkins x 15

Squats x 50

I left out one of the stations above (cause I don’t have my notes handy in doing this BB) but you get the idea….

Prefaced by a preblast video of a soccer goalie initially stopping a penalty kick but doing some premature celebration to the crowd while the ball trickled over the goal line, the PAX were then primed and ready for a soccer penalty kick competition.  The PAX split into two teams and we did approximately four rounds of penalty kicks for each team with each team alternating a team member as the kicker or the goalie.   Losing team had to do five burpees each time they didn’t stop a kick or didn’t make the kick.  Team 2 lost the first three or four rounds but came back strong in the end.  Highlight was an epic stop by 3  for1 on a missile launched by Tommy Boy. 3 for1 was glad the ball didn’t hit him in the face.


LBCs – thanks to TPS for calling it out

American Hammers x25 IC – thanks to 3for 1 for calling it out


3rdf panera

TPS announced that there will be a water stop at cougartown tomorrow for any BRR runners that stop by

Huffy announced that they are having a raffle for a mountain bike to raise funds for the MS tour to tanglewood event.  Tickets are $10

Lots of service opportunities that are coming up over the next 4-6 weeks.  Slum Lord gave a rundown and encouraged us to check emails about details and to participate!

Huffy stated that there will be a Squirrel sighting next week at F3!

Prayers for Snooki and his dad up in New Jersey.

YHC took us out in the COT

We wish 3 for 1 well during his training in Virginia and the UK/Ireland over the next six months.  Keep in touch and get F3 going wherever you travel!

Honor to lead.Thanks Boones Farm for the opportunity!



PAX: Slum Lord, Brown Noser, 3 for 1, Boones Farm, Huffy, Virus, Short Track, Slang, Stinky Cheese, Tommy Boy, Sticky Fingers, Everest, Nomad, Jiitterbug, TPS, War Damn Eagle, Avocado, Drizzle

QIC: Drizzle