The “Murph” AO welcomes Mr. Furley to the Natville Pax! Awesome to have you join us for some fun in the gloom brother, please come back when you’re in town….

In keeping with the theme of mixing it up to improve our capabilities for Memorial Day 2017, with a slight emphasis on the back muscles & core work to rest in between, here is what we got into this morning.



Thang- 5 dead hang pull-ups every 45-60 seconds with core work between sets.

Pull-ups – total count 180 reps

Core work – LBC’s, LSF’s, Crunchy Frog, Frank the Plank

10 sprints to and from the wall with a Burpee at the wall

1- 30 second wall stand – Push-ups optional


American Hammer  20 IC – T-Clapps to Mr. Furley

COT – Mr. Furley

Prayer request –  restoration of health for brother Ozark and his heart condition…T-Clapps Sir Purr for liftimg this up before The Father.







PAX: Wicked

QIC: 09/01/16