30 PAX joined in the gloom this morning.  While 6 of the PAX took off for a splinter run, the rest of the PAX took part in this:

Warm a Rama


20 IC X Imperial Walkers

20 second knee to chest stretch per knee

20 IC X Windmills


Run down to the bottom of the hill by the gate into Country Park and do 25 Crunchy Frogs

Run up the same hill and do 25 Merkins (not push ups, thanks Daphne)

Rinse and repeat 4 X

SSH for the SIX


Run up the parking lot towards the jungle gym

3 stations, 3 teams, rotate through the stations 2 X

Station #1:

15 pull ups

25 squats

Station #2:

20 Step ups (each leg)

25 Dips

Station #3

Suicide Burpees

Run to mid court, 1 Burpee

Run back to baseline, 1 Burpee

Run full court, 1 burpee

Run back to baseline, 5 burpees


Run back to shovel flag

20 IC X low slow flutters

5 Extended planks with 10 counts

30 IC X American Hammers


  • Unfortunately, Twinkie is moving to Washington state.  We will certainly miss him
  • Please read the email from Eric Hecht, Buttfumble for service opportunities
  • Tampa Expansion, Boones Farm is looking for Hard Committs


YHC left his Q Weinkes on the counter top this morning.  Thank you to the PAX memorizing the workout that was laid out


YHC took us out

Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning.  It was awesome seeing everyone out.

PAX: Boones Farm, Daphne, Stage Frieght, Polo, Short Track, Norwood, Sacked, SnowFlake, Longtime, Slum Lord, Superior, Huffy, Schnitzel, Stinky Cheese, Nomad, Everest, Twinkie, Hootie, Xerox, Bed Bug, Playdo, Heisenberg, Birds Nest, Jitterbug, Drizzle, Wicked, Fromage, Pamela, Lynda, Matlock

QIC: Hushpuppy