70 smooth degrees greeted the Six PAX (later 8) and YHC for a little predawn 1st F downtown #beatdown followed by a 3rd F #serve at Arise.  YHC loves the fact you can smell bacon in the parking lot of Grace United Methodist Church even before they begin cooking.  It’s just baked in – mmm, scrumptious.

Since the Q crawled into bed at 12:50AM without time to write up the “creative genius” of a #DRP for the Arise attendees, I had to resort to some old school F3 fun.  Without any FNG’s in attendance, YHC provided a brief welcome, disclaimer and reminder of F3 mission and then lead us on a mosey up N. Eugene towards the ballpark.  On the way, we were greeted by a motley crew of the wild kingdom: Dorito Cat (you can’t make this stuff up) wandering blindly down the middle of the street; dead snake and the finale with weak bark from yipper yapper dog across from Warmarama.

Image result for dorito bag on cat

Speaking of Warmarama, we found ourselves in the parking lot of HandyCapable Network (HCN) off N. Eugene.

SSH x 25 IC

What is HCN? Glad you asked. While performing the rest of WAR, Q informed PAX about this great non-profit serving the developmentally disable adult community in our area.  This generous group is in need of old computers for donation, individuals interested in board membership or volunteering. More below.

Sungods x both directions during intro to HCN

Plank – right & left arms up

High Lunge (crescent pose) each leg – Q called time to switch

No time to waste, mosey back to front of ball park for a Ted Williams Tribute.  August 30 would be “The Kid”, “The Splendid Splinter”, “Teddy Ballgame”, “The Thumper” and “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived” birthday. He finished his playing career with a .344 batting average, 521 home runs, and a .482 on-base percentage, the highest of all time. If you total those up (1347), that seems like a nice total rep count target for us.  So let’s honor the legend with our effort.

The Thang

Partner BLIMPS

Partners alternate performing reps for BLIMPS at station one and running to station two for core exercises.  Partners work together to complete cumulative reps of each BLIMP exercise before proceeding to the next.

Partner A begins burpees while Partner B runs to Station Two and completes 25 reps of any core exercise.  Partner B runs back to relieve Partner A who runs to Station Two while Partner B continues burpees.  Partners continue until all 50 are done.  Then move to next exercise.

Station One:

Burpees x 50

Lunges x 100

Imperial Walkers x 150 (or 200 if YHC get’s lost in the count!)

Merkins x 200

Plank Jacks x 250

Squats x 300

Station Two: Ticket Booths

Perform 25 reps of any core exercise – PAX choice

Return to Station One & relieve Partner

The PAX crushed the BLIMPS just in time with a little help from our Splinted Friends Cheesy Poof & Tammy – welcome aboard gentlemen.

With the BLIMPS deflated, we moseyed back to Grace UMC.

Quick Mary:

Oblique V Ups (Super Cindy’s?) x 15 IC each side – lots of #mumblechatter by those that missed Q’s suggestion to choose a grassy knoll of choice – this exercise #notparkinglotfriendly

American Hammer x 10 IC


Nancy: Miles for Matthew, October 8th, 5k/10k; shooting for 50 participants from F3

Tuesday: 3rdF, Birds Nest walking PAX through book of John, 6:30AM Search office behind Moes on Battleground


Thank you Amphibious for sharing the gory details of your posterior hypodermic needle experience.  I feel like we’re a lot closer now!  I feel for Long Time too.  T-Claps for the extra sour cream on the burrito last night as well – nice addition to today’s wild kingdom noises.

Cavity – continued strong come back from new baby hiatus.

COT: Amphibious

Grace UMC Chairs & Tables: knocked it out like we know what we’re doing (thanks for directing traffic as usual Nancy!).  People were blessed by chairs & tables welcoming them to a hot, nutritious meal.  T-Claps Men!

More info on HandyCapable Network: Our mission is to enrich the lives of people with special needs by teaching them technology skills in an inclusive environment. Through our efforts, HandyCapable Network provides greater access to technology to economically challenged people and nonprofits.

Great morning.  Thanks for encouraging me to push through sleep deprivation.  Always an honor to be with the #Natville PAX, especially so when trusted with the reigns to guide us through our #DRP.



PAX: 08/30/16

QIC: avatar_box