A PAX of 5 F3 veterans from all over descended on the High Point Athletic Complex on Saturday for a taste of the Swashbuckler.  The Swashbuckler had never been on the road before and YHC had certainly never been given the reigns for a guest Q before.  It was awesome.

First of all, the HPAC is a fantastic AO.  It has everything you could ever need to create a banging workout.  There’s a playground with all kinds of equipment to pull up on, a turf field, lots of parking lots, a stadium with 400m track, and water fountains.  I felt like I was on vacation.

With PAX welcomed and properly disclaimed Carterico style we were off for


High Knees 25 yd

Butt Kicks 25 yd

SSH IC x 20

Sun Gods IC forward x 10, reverse x10

Lateral Slides 25 yd x 2

High Knee Carioca 25 yd x 2

Windmills IC x 20

Monkey Humpers IC x 20

Tin Man 25 yd

Donkey Kick 25 yd

Cotton Pickers IC x20

Hand Release Merkins IC x 20

Warmed up and ready to attack the morning we set off on a mosey towards the football stadium.  As we entered the gloom of the football field, we came upon 5 cones.  Meeting at the cone in the middle of the field we performed 5 burpees OYO.  Upon completion of the burpees, the PAX bear crawled 15 yards to the next cone.  At the second cone, the prescription was 15 Catalina Wine Mixers.  It didn’t take long for the moaning to begin.  Falwell wanted to know from what  pit of hell these things came from.  “This is how we roll in Carterico” was the reply.  Back on our feet from the CWMs, the PAX did Lt. Dan’s all the way to the field goal post, roughly 45 yards, and then ran to the awaiting cone on the track past the goal post.  25 SSHs were then knocked out.  Wiping the sweat from brow and we’re off on a Polish lap, making sure to say hello to all the ladies exercising near us, around the track towards the middle gate and to the bleachers for 6 rows of bleacher snakes.  Depleted of oxygen and struggling to get some more the PAX continued back on the track to cone behind the west end goal post.  25 single count LBCs and then jog to the west end goal post.  Lt Dan 45 yards to the next cone and do 15 180 jump turns, and then complete the “lap” by bear crawling to the place whence we came.  The dudes who finished first planked until the 6 completed the lap.

If there is one thing the Swashbuckler is becoming known for, it’s you’re not going to get recovery time.  As the 6 returned from lap 1, we immediately began the burpees to start lap 2.  After crawling to the CWM cone, Teddy asked if licking the moisture off the grass would be a bad idea.  Apparently they stop for water breaks up here.  As a cotton mouth’d Teddy finished his bleacher snakes on lap 2, he found an abandoned cow bell from the football game the night before.  It still worked.  YHC spent most of 2nd lap trying to hang with F3 Jamestown veteran Gold Digger.  Dude can boogey.

Completing lap 2 and we were off on lap 3.  I feel sure there was modifying going on during the CWMs and Ole Duck Butter taught these Piedmonters all about the collection step during Lt. Dans.  The PAX managed to complete lap 3 and then moseyed off back towards Miracle Field for


Teddy led us in 3 minutes of “Drill Sergeants.”  WOW do those things suck.  On your feet, on your six, merkin, burpee, LBCs.  We did em all and we did a lot of them, and there was no rhyme nor reason to the call.  YHC did so many on your six, on your feets, that I was almost 10 feet outside the circle.  Those things are no joke.

Falwell took us out in the COT.

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to spend the morning with you.  I’m really proud of Teddy and Falwell and the other men who are the tip of the spear of F3 High Pockets.  I can’t wait to post with you all again down the road.  F3 High Pockets has their official launch on Oct 1 if anyone is around and wants to come play.

DB out

PAX: 179

QIC: Duck Butter