10 Manly Men assembled in the gloom at Oak Ridge Park asking themselves, “Where is my Q?” But lo, there in the darkness springing forth like a stallion with a broken leg was the Q as if from a galaxy far, far away. His blinding headlight glimmered in the darkness like as unto a beacon for the masses who seek their true leader. Onward he ran, appearing precisely at 5:30 am, approaching as a camel doth gallop carrying massive water bags upon its shoulders, gasping and wheezing. After brief and breathless words of disclaimant were uttered from the mouth of that sad trodden-down Q, the workout did commence post-haste.

These are the records of that mighty beat-down as remembered by the true and mighty non-professional and un-sue-able Q. Any inaccuracies are his and his alone.

Warm-o-rama (in cadence):

SSH x20

Don Quixote x15

Mountain Climbers x15

Cotton Pickers x10

Bobby Hurley x15

At this point the Mighty Mosey was undertaken, over hill and through forest dark and deep, until the party did happen upon an inconspicuous shelter built hastily by men and women whose knowledge of construction far exceeds any ability of the team at hand. It was here that the Thang did begin. And what a Thang it was!

The men were then divided randomly by the cruel and crusted Q into parties of two. They were fairly stationed by pairs in the Five Stations of Pain. The Stations were as follows:

Station 1: Dips

Station 2: Derkins

Station 3: Lt. Dan x25

Station 4: Suicides

Station 5: Burpees

All stations repeated their stated assignments in perpetuity except for station 3 alone, whose predetermined number of Lt Dan repetitions decided the rotation speed of the remaining stations.

Once each station was conquered by each pair of men, the group reassembled for a Medium Mosey to the Circle of Trash that lay in the Field of Dog Poop.

Since the mighty men chose to be somewhat dainty at this point, deciding not to wet their delicate dainty derriers in the dew, the punishment was doubled during the Six Matriarchical Minutes.



reverse LBC x15

dying cockroach x10

low flutter x15

American Hammer x 36

And then a final mosey to the Flag of Adjournment, where all sweated and panted until their final exit from the land.


F3 CSAUP event: Grasshopper game TONIGHT!

PAX: The Real Toto

QIC: 08/30/2016