9 wide eyed pax came to first day of school to learn new and exciting exercising.  As most students they did not like what they learned.  Here is how it went down.  After a quick mosey to the cones we mixed up warm up a little.

ran the cones with high knees and at end we did 25 ssh IC, running back with Butt kicks at end we did 15 windmills IC.  A Skip to end and did 15 Peter Parkersburg IC. Last run we did 10 sun gods forward and reverse IC once finished we should stayed in place because this is where class began.


consisted of 4 Station always starting at 1

station 1-run the cones

first leg was High knees once at end mosey to Station 2

where we eat a snack at picnic tables

snack consisted of

30 step ups 15ea leg

25 dips

10 derkins

we then went to detention at the wall where we learned a new exercise

planked with feet on wall and proceeded to do 20 Parker peters oyo

followed by 20 donkey kicks once done we moused to play ground for some recess

where we did 10 bar muscle ups(could Omaha to pull ups)

then 7 Merkins 7 diamond and 7 Werkins once done run the parking lot  back to Station 1

where this time we did Frog jumps the length of cones then repeated station 2 thru 4 back to Station 1 for some broad jump Burpees – crowd favorite.  Pax were at various stations when Omaha was called. TPS being the head of his class.

Pax gather back at shovel flag


25 lbc IC

25 Freddy Mercury IC

20 American hammer IC


circle time will be a ghost town due to convergence next week at the Grinder.


stage freight took us out.

it was a honor to lead.



PAX: Xerox

QIC: 8/29/2016