A beautiful, slightly less humid morning brought out 20 PAX including QIC to Local Honey.  Q called an initial Omaha and changed the entire workout once he realized how nice it was going to be outside.


We ran up to the spiral driveway (always a favorite) and did warm-o-rama.


Imperial Walkers (or was it Hillbillies?)

Copperhead Squats

Copperhead Lunges (IT IS A MOVEMENT!)

Moroccan Nightclub (cue music)

We ran back down to Commerce and partnered up – speed mattering a little bit.


3 exercises X 20 each

Partner Hand Slap Merkins

Partner Plank Derkins

WW2 situps with Partner planking on feet

Q quickly omaha’ed and each partner just did 10 WW2 situps.

In between sets, each partner ran in the opposite direction (one to Bellemeade, One to Friendly)

After 4 circuits, we called it and decided to end the workout with a little RABBIT RUN.

Q had to sacrifice on this one – two lines and the Q led up front.  Indian Run, always staying behind the Q (Rabbit) and then when Q shouts down, 10 merkins and then scramble to catch up.

We were going to just do a few loops around commerce, but Woody made the comment “Don’t even think about doing the spiral driveway” so naturally, we had to take a turn and do the spiral.

Great workout –





American Hammer

COT – I-Beam

Always an honor gents – good energy as it starts to cool off a bit in the mornings.



Community Housing Solution – September 17th – Paint the town – Check with Butt Fumble

Judy’s Chair – Gofundme – Need to raise more $.

Labor Day Convergence – 90 minutes – Latham Park – 6:30


PAX: I-Beam

QIC: 08/24/2016