29 Men chose the red pill, worked their legs and punched their card for the first of Goofy’s 3 Q’s this week. Punch all 3 and you get a free chicken biscuit on Saturday.  The two remaining Q’s are B&W and Purgatory


Warm-o-rama – the usual fare.

Wall work

  • Wall sit, pass the 35lb kettle bell down while each Pax performs one WonderBra move until all are done
  • 10 Merkins
  • Wall sit, Pass bell under legs down the line
  • 10 Merkins

Hill work/Plyo Leg work – 11’s (1 at Bottom, 10 at top, then 2 at bottom, 9 at top and so on)

  • Bottom of Hill, squat Jumps (high as can)
  • Run to top
  • Top of Hill, Lunge Jumps (both legs counts as one count)
  • Run back, and repeato until done
  • Once done, do Mary until 6 up

To Field – for some resistance running for strength

  • Partner up and grab one rope for each team
  • Run across field with rope resistance, FlapJack and run back, repeato
  • Partner derkins, for active rest
  • Run Back across field with rope resistance, FlapJack
  • 5 Burpees, just because the Q loves you

Mosey back to lot

Mary – Freddie Mercs, Low flutter, Rosalita, LBC

BOM – YHC took us out with prayers for us to be better men and to make each other stronger as Iron sharpens Iron


  • Prayers for @Total Package whose 18 y/o daughter has just come to live with him.
  • Shmedfest 2017 – we are guessing Aug 27, 2017
  • First day of school – prayers for students, teachers and parents
  • @Abacus by admitting he had a September birthday unwittingly stepped up to Q the September Birthday/Murphday Q.  See ToeTag for details
  • YHC has 3 Q’s this week.  Today was a leg focus, Wed at B&W will be a Bicep, Back, Abs focus with sprints, Saturday will be a Chest Tricep and Shoulders focus.  Anyone hitting all 3 gets a free chicken biscuit at Coffeteria.


  • Tclaps to @CornHole of @F3Greensboro who drove all the way over to to introduce an FNG to F3. Well done.
  • So both @CornHole and @Mumbai both work at Pepsi’s call center.  Apparently Mumbai is known for call centers.  Credit goes to MIB for naming.
  • Waiting for 29 guys to pass a 35 lb kettle bell down the line takes longer than you think.  Be glad, YHC had a lot more running planned.  Instead you go to sit on your arses so to speak.
  • Strong work by the Pax this AM. Not a lot of MC, but YHC’s M keeps telling me to get my hearing checked, so maybe I just couldn’t hear
  • During the wall sit work, @Closer shot up early from the exercise. For a moment, I thought he was sick of it but then we learned he got stung by a bee or wasp of some sort.  He kept going without complaint.  #Tough

PAX: Butter, LeFreak, Closer, Skillet, Bulto, Abacus, TP, RustBucket, BoutTime, Glazer, Manscape (WD), SwissMiss, Landshark, Jazzy, Whirly, Devo, Faulker, Zima, VanGogh, Toe Tag Cornhole from F3Greensboro, Thomas Sweigart FNG and WB now Mumbai, Chisel, HappyGilmore, MIB, Lemming, Roosevelt, Undertow, Goofy,

QIC: Goofy