21 PAX post for this morning’s downpainment at the Crater.  It was great to see some faces we haven’t’ seen at the Crater in a while along with the more familiar faces.  T-claps to Beaver, Gunny and Slum Lord for the extra credit run into the AO this morning.

Our time began with proper disclaimers and a welcome to 100% veterans.  No FNG’s today.  We did a set of SSH to allow Polo to join us, then ran to the stop sign to continue the warm-a-rama.

Hill Billy’s

Sun gods

Plank – alternating right hand up/left leg up to left hand up/right leg up

Imperial walkers


The Thang:

8 cones and 16 exercises

A cone was placed at each street light and had an exercise taped to each side of the cone.  Partner up and run up one side and down the other, stopping at each cone to do the exercise.  At the turn, use Herniated Disks.

Cone 1:  Mtn Climber/Crab cake

Cone 2:  LSF/X-merkin

Cone 3:  Inch worm merkin/Plank jack

Cone 4:  lunges/dips

Cone 5:  Ab chopper/Shoulder taps

Cone 6:  Imperial squatters/ Wojo squat

Cone 7:  WWII Sit-up/Dry Docks

Cone 8:  Burpee/LBC

Each team completed at least one round before OMAHA was called.  Mosey to the shovel-flag for some Mary…

Hold plank and bring right knee to left elbow…hold until Q calls it.  Do same with left knee.

4-count leg lifts…up, out, together, down = 1

10 swimmers in cadence

Hold legs straight at 45 deg. and reach for toes with both hands – 20 IC

American Hammers


  • Community Housing Solutions service project is Sept. 17, 8 am. We’re “Painting the town” in the Glenwood community.  Meet at 643 W. Gate City Blvd with M’s and 2.0’s.  We’ll split from there to the various projects.
  • Judy’s Chair is ¼ of the way to its goal. Any amount helps.  A big thanks for those that have donated already.
  • Service chair team is Slum Lord, Mingle and Sendek. Contact them with additional ideas for service projects.
  • Last hoppers game of the season tomorrow night. Contact Heisenberg if interested in tickets.
  • Convergence next Monday (Labor Day) at Latham Grinder – do not come to Quaker Crater. I-Beam will be Q.  6:30 start and will go for 90 minutes.

Q took us out.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q this morning.  I challenge those that haven’t been a Q yet to talk to someone you know that has and co-Q to get one on the books.  We may be an obnoxious group at times, but there’s nothing but support for a man that steps out of his comfort zone to get better.

Nomad out.

PAX: Wojo, Slum Lord, Butt Fumble, Leverage, Gunny, Paula Dean, Stretch, Ozone, Lock jaw, Calculus, CJ, Jitterbug (RESPECT), Tweezers, Beaver, J-Love, Bed Bug, Polo, Bull Dog, Phoenix, Sir Charles, Nomad.

QIC: Nomad