6 PAX rolled themselves out of bed on a humid Saturday AM and ventured over to Cougar Town for some BLIMPS!  Even though the Wyndham is over there are still BLIMPS flying around Natville!

Here’s how it went down:


Slaughter Starter – 10 Burpees OYO

Short Mosey to Track

25 x SSH IC

25 x Mountain Climbers IC

25 x  Imperial Walkers IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC each direction

LBC x 25 IC

Merkins x 20 single count


Indian Fun Run back around the school to the opposite Parking Lot

Partner up!!!

BLIMPS – cumulative – Partner A stays and does as many of the exercise as possible and Partner B runs to the first light pole (roughly 100 yards) and does 2 Burpees – then returns to Partner A and Flap Jack

50 Burpees

100 Lunges

150 Imperial Walkers

200 Merkins

250 Plank Jacks

300 Squats

Once completed – short mosey to the school for a 1 minute Wall Sit!

Indian Fun Run back around the school all the way back to the Cooler (TPS forgot the Shovel Flag) for 10 MOM!

10 MOM

CIRCLE UP on your 6!

Every member of the PAX chose a Mary Exercise and we went aroudn the circle twice.   Count was 20 IC

Exercises included:


Low Slow Flutter

Cindy Crawford

Marge & Homer


Dying Cockroach

Box Cutter

Low Dolly

High Dolly

American Hammer


Magic is new site Q for the Arise Workout at Grace United Methodist Church- come out and support the AO and stay and help set up tables to feed the hungry after the workout

Pray for Streamer’s Wife who is having major back pain.

Always a privilege and an honor to lead!  Aye!

PAX: Bed Bug

QIC: August 27, 2016