It was a balmy late summer morning amongst the forests of Country Park, whereupon the creatures who inhabit these woods demanded the performance of various high intensity physical exertions before being allowed to move on.

Mosey to the church parking lot for the Warm-o-rama

20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Windmills

20 Sun Gods each direction

25 Imperial Walkers

20 Lunges

Mosey back to parking lot and then to park gate mixed with Reverse Run and Karaoke both left and right. 

Count off into groups of 3. 

The Thang

Each group then ran to a station, performed the exercises demanded by a Pokèmon, then proceeded to next station. Station 2, which included a suicide run up a steep hill, was situated between stations 1 and 3 and therefore visited more often. Pax needed to be aware of Pikachu, hiding amongst the trees who demanded 5 burpees at every encounter

Station 1, Skorupi Pokèmon

15 Scorpian Dry Docks

25 Crab Cakes

25 Imperial Squat Walkers


5 Burpees

Station 2, Lucario Pokèmon

Partner up

Parter 1 does suicide run up hill

Partner 2 does Plank Jacks until partner 1 returns



5 Burpees

Station 3, Eevee Pokèmon

15 Step Ups, each leg

25 Dirkens

25 Dips

Head back to station 2, stopping to do burpees, then station 1 etc. until Omaha called


Low Dolly


American Hammer

PAX: Norwood, Ewok

QIC: 08/27/16