4 Pax showed up in the gloom at Summerfield Park for a great beat down to kill the Sad Clown Syndrome. After the introduction and F3 disclaimer, we started to mosey to Summerfield Park Auditorium for some warm-o-rama.



Hillbillies IC X 15

Wind-mills IC X 15

Sungods 15 forward / 15 reverse

Chinooks 10 forward / 10 reverse

At this point, the PAX were warm and ready for the Thang consisting on a complete workout for upper, middle and lower body.

The PAX started with one round of ATMs, and then the Pax was instructed to partner up to do B.O.M.B.S.

The Thang:


(1 round): 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches IC (4-count), 10 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on the 4), 10 fast Merkins OYO.


Pax 1 did exercises while Pax 2 ran to the park bridge. Swap out and continue exercise until each amount of reps were completed. The exercises and reps were:

50 Burpees / 100 Overhead Claps / 150 Merkins / 150 Big Boy Sit-ups / 200 Squats


Bruce Lee:

The Pax performed 2 rounds of Bruce Lees with no rest between rounds. The exercises and reps were:

20 American Hammers / 20 Leg Raises / 20 LBCs / 20 Heel Touches / 20 Crunchy Frog.


No announcements were made. Mis-Fire took us out.

It was a honor to lead the workouts this morning.


QIC: 08/26/2016