59 of Natville’s finest (including 3 FNG’s) came out for the third installment of the legendary blue hair beatdown. Luckily both Xerox and Everest escaped the old folks home for a few hours and were on the loose in downtown Greensboro. We welcomed the Pax from Lunatic Fringe for the convergence in honor of Brandon Lindsey from Dream on 3 – more about that later. After the usual disclaimer, the Pax had to make a choice – that they may have regretted in just a few minutes. One choice was to follow Xerox into the Greensboro Triangle (into which Hoser apparently disappeared) or to follow Everest around a rectangle. Having made the choice, it went something like this…

Xerox’s Pax worked the triangle of Summit, Church, and Lindsay.

Warm-O-Rama Xerox style:

Side straddle hops x 15 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Parker Peter x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 10 forward and reverse IC

Xerox’s Thang:

At each corner of the triangle do four exercises:

Flying Squirrels

Squat Jumps

Plank Jacks

Crunchy Frogs

Start with 10 reps of each. Add 5 reps at each corner. Go up to 25 reps and then back down 5 at a time. Between each corner do knee slaps, A skips, and broad jump burpees.

Warm-O-Rama Everest style:

Side straddle hops x 25 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 15 forward and reverse IC

Copperhead Squats x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Everest’s Thang:

Burpee Block using the block of Washington/Davie/Market/Church. Run one corner and do 3 burpees, run 2 corners and do 6 burpees, run 3 corners and do 9 burpees, run 4 corners and do 12 burpees. Then unwind till you are back at the start.


We combined groups for Mary. Apparently Xerox thought if he was a few minutes late, he could miss YHC’s favorite Plank-o-rama but YHC called some LBC’s and Low Dolly to wait for the other group. Once they arrived we did a four minute plank set followed by some American Hammers from Xerox (X25 IC).


Thanks to Brown Noser, Pebbles (Brandon) gave us an overview of his charity, Dream on 3. See dreamon3.org for all the details. It is a great effort to make dreams come true for children with chronic illness or other life altering conditions by creating experiences of joy and magic through the world of sports. They are having a fund raiser at Cross Fit in Kernersville in early October (Kilos for Kids). Look for more details and we hope to have a large F3 presence.

Arise workout had a good turnout this week. Please continue to support this AO and the service opportunity it provides.

Tomorrow, there is a morning run and evening family event. For Redeeming Life Ministries and is at Brown Bark Park.

Miles for Matthew is coming up. Let’s have a large team again this year – it’s a great event and good cause. October 8 – 5K and 10K. Sign up.

Community Housing Solutions: paint the town September 17 after the workout, meet at Grace Community Church.

TPS is offering a cooler of bottled waters for those doing BRR training, at Cougar Town tomorrow.

I-Beam is on the Q at the Ruck tomorrow, come out and support him as well.

COT: Everest took us out.

Thank you for the honor to let us lead you this morning. It is always an inspiration.

PAX: Hoser, Wide Left, Tommy Boy, Poehler, J-Love, Blue Oyster, Bourne, Expired, Matlock, Buggy (Josh Cox -FNG), Ozone, Schnitzel, RIP , Strange Brew, Tea Party, HUD, Sugar Cake, 3 for 1, Spike, Buck, Nomad, Corn Hole, Graffiti, Kicker, Polo, Bull dog, TPS, Amphibious, Long Time, Hackman, Housecall, Cheesy Poof, Lynda, Nails, Tammy, Huffy, Swank, Mayor, Slumlord, Superior (Eric Fitzgerald – FNG), Jitterbug, Valentine, Gilligan, Girth, Pebbles (Brandon Lindsey – FNG), Jim Bob, Butt Fumble, Slag, Brown Noser, Earhart, Explosion, Chronos, Don’t you know, Defib, Hermey, Boones Farm, Woody, Everest (QIC), Xerox (QIC)

QIC: Xerox and Everest