10 strong were ready to roll at 5:30. COme to find out, we had Amphibious posting all the way from Greensboro. He was the first to show (5:20) and got a little worried when no one was there at 5:27. That’s just how we roll…

SSH x 15

‘Merkins x 15

IW x 15

‘Merkins x 15

Mosey to the playground for Hermies mini hamster wheel. #20 Pullups in reps of 4, 5, 6, 2 whatever you can crank out. When you need a break, get out of the way and let your bro have a turn. After the PAX all had 20, we were off to the holler.

We stopped at the top of the hill where the holler parking lot meets the park. Partner up for Dora 1-2-3. the run route was in the “half pipe” Start at the gate between the parking lot and the park, run down the parking lot, get in a Burpee, run up the parking lot to the gate between the lot and the road, and then run back. THis mad a nice half pipe. To slow the great momentum created on the downhill, we threw in a burpee on the way down and then on the way back

100 Merkins

200 Air Squat

300 American Hammer dbl ct.

It would be rude not to allow our guest the opportunity to Q for a while. Here’s how it went down:

Amphibious took us over to the step wall for #20 dips in cadence, sprint across the lot, wall sit while reaching to the stars, sprint back across the lot,

#20 ‘Derkins in cadence, sprint across the lot, wall sit “Al Gore” style, sprint back across the lot, and finally #20 Irkins in cadence. Thanks you Amphibious.

With Hermie back at the wheel, we got in a few more dips

#30 dips, lunge walk across lot, sprint back

#20 dips, Lunge walk across lot, sprint back,

#10 dips, Lunge Walkacross lot, sprint back

line it up for Native American Run. OK, just mosey, back to the track in the park. Get in #10 ‘Merkins, indian run (second attempt) to the tennis courts.

Five courts in a row made a great last minute mary-ish drill. Print across the 5 courts, stopping conveniently between each court for #20 AMerican Hammer dbl ct. (total #80 between all the courts)

RInse and repeat,but with #20 In’n’outs (total #80)

Circle up for MOM by Amphibious

I can’t remember what the first exercise was called but is sucked. Basically side plank with knee to elbow. The second also sucked. elboy to knee but on laying on your side. Thank you, Amphibious.


AMphibious’ buddy, Butt Fumble, is raising $ to buy a wheel chair for a lady he has been helping out. $2k down, $8k to go.

Pray for the bros at F3-

Pray for Semper and his bride. Her work is brutal.

PAX: Bunyan, Snipit, Squeal, Squince, Homeward Bound, Wah Wah, Amphibious, Semper, Hermie, White Walker

QIC: Hermie