Almost everyone arrived before the starting time and without much delay we moseyed. Butt Kickers, Karaoke, backwards run came next with all meeting to circle up. Stringers ensued along with SEVENS, Sun Gods and Lunges. Supermans were last and then we counted off by 2’s (or tried to in the early am).

Next came 1’s planked and 2’s ran up the stairs for Merkins. Each time up the stairway you added a merkin. It was interesting at the bottom with Planks, right arm up, right hip down and vice versa. After several times up and down the steps I called an Omaha and we all planked at the bottom.

Ran to the top or the garage and peoples chair. One brave member of the PAX stepped up and walked the line with the assistance of his brothers. You had to be there to really see it. NO video was available! Then we tried ascending testicles for about 25 seconds. After that fun time we did several sprints 75% to 100% full speed. This helps with building muscle and this develops FAST twitch muscle fiber. In my case at double respect guys my age are maintaining and not building much !!!

We then headed back down for a short mosey with Lt. Dan’s, long striders (No one resembling OSAIN BOLT showed up unfortunately.) Along Came MARY and Thanks to Wilson and Sacked for their assistance on Homer/MARGE and American Hammers. We wrapped it up with Lt. Dans and Box cutters.

It is always a pleasure to Q a workout. If you have not had the chance PLEASE step up. It is a wonderful experience leading this outstanding group of men. Every morning I get up and look forward to the F3 Experience and especially the Q experience. It is an honor. THANK YOU



PAX: 08/23/16

QIC: 2016-08-23 11:38:15|Y