It was a beautiful and humid Saturday morning in Greensboro so what better to do then to get out of bed for an early morning Block Party.  FNG Freestyle dragged his Dad Wilson out of bed and they jumped on their two wheeler’s and met us at the school parking lot.  The pax did not see the Block stations until after the Tour O NIP – That’s New Irving Park people – better recognize.  So we began………………

Mosey: Through the back of the school to the far end of the Mustang campus we went

Warm O Rama:

SSH x 25

Lunges X 30

Mountain Climber Wilson Style x 40

HillBilly x 20

Lucky 7’s (7 Diamond/7 Reg/7 Wide Merkins)

Sun God’s x 15 (Reverse)

The Thang: The tailgate came down and the pax partnered up.

9 Stations of Pain for all the Rainbow Seekers. Partner A stayed for the exercise and completed as many reps as they could while Partner B either Back Peddled or Sprinted across the parking lot and performed with shear perfection 2 Burpees.  Move to the next station when the cumulative rep count at each station was achieved.

Station 1: Curl’s x 75 (Block) 

Station 2: LBC’s x 100

Station 3: Shoulder Press x 75 (Block)

Station 4: WWII Situps x 50

Station 5: Squats x 75 (Block)

Station 6: Low Slow Flutter x 200

Station 7: Clean and Press x 75 (Block)

Station 8: Dying Cockroach x 100

Station 9: Jack Webbs x 40 (Block)

After that smoke fest I dreaded loading my truck so the pax, with what little ounce of energy they had left in their fragile bodies, managed to assist with the loading the blocks back into the Toyo. I did have to unload once I got home though……………………………………which was two minutes away!

Mosey: Short mosey back to shovel flag


American Hammer x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20

Marge Homer x 15

Crab Cake x 20

COT: Chips

Great work men and thank you to Wilson for bringing his 2.0 Freestyle out for some 1st F ffffffun. Continue to spread the word about Rainbow Dash.

September 17th Saturday 8:30am-4:00pm Paint the Town in partnership with the Community Housing Solutions our third event out of four this year.  2.0’s and M’s welcome as we will be working in the Glenwood Community off Gate City Blvd painting homes.

Prayer requests:

For (Bump’s) family and friends at his passing – I Beams fellow co-worker/employee

For Jennifer Hecht, BF’s sister who is expecting her first child this week – Baby Bryson

PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 08/19/2016