There were two almost significant things about this morning – 1) the low humidity and cooler temperatures provided a welcome relief and the promise of fall; and, 2) Quaker Crater was nearly an all 40-something workout.  But, alas, Nomad showed up 5 minutes late to spoil what may have been a record for #Natville.  Luckily for Nomad, the PAX didn’t realize he was the only non-fortysomething until Name-o-Rama or their could have been trouble!

Nomad’s late arrival means that 12 posted for their Daily Red Pill (#DRP) at Quaker Crater. And while YHC was happy to be back in the Q saddle today, my excitement was not quite up to the level of @F3_Cougar_Town’s tweet.  Come on TPS, do you miss the #burpeemile that much???

my goal today was to administer a genuine, back to basics full body workout that a good mix of upper body, core, and lower body resistance with enough running and cardio to keep those BRR trainees satisfied.  You be the judge, but based on the lack of #mumblechatter, I’d say today was a success, but I also have to acknowledge that both Bed Bug and Snookie were absent….

Following a no-FNG disclaimer and welcome, we moseyed from the parking lot in front of the school, took a right out of the driveway and assembled in the mostly-usual T intersection for the


As a tribute to Dash Pax’ @jamestorrible, we began with one of my personal favorites:

  • Bodybuilder X 13 IC (It took the PAX several reps to be able to find the coordination to execute the 8 count burpee AND count the reps) #mumblechatter
  • Side Straddle Hop X 25 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker X 20 (IC)
  • Sungods X 10 (IC) forward/reverse straight into Chinooks X 10 (forward/reverse)
  • Monkey Humpers X 15 IC
  • Wojo Squats X 15 IC

Native American Mosey to Library parking lot for the THANG:

The Dirty MacDeuce – 12 exercises, executed in four blocks of 3 exercises, each with 12 reps; Each block contains a chest/upper body, core and leg exercise; Perform each block in cadence and circle the parking lot in between blocks.

  • Block I – Merkins, Low Slow Flutters, Copperhead Squats
  • Block II – Carolina Dry Docks, LBCs, Plank Jacks
  • Block III – Diamond Merkins, Crab Cakes, Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Block IV – Cherkins, Freddy Mercury, Mountain Climbers

Four Corners – Following the DM,PAX counted off by four and then went to their corresponding corner in teams of 3. Perform exercises in cadence as much as possible (rotating Qs) and then run as a group to next corner:

  • Corner I – Burpees X 10 (1st round); X 15 (2nd round)
  • Corner II – Werkins X 10 (1st round); X 20 (2nd round)
  • Corner III – Squat Jumps X 10 (1st round); X 15 (2nd round)
  • Corner IV – Lunges X 20 (10 each leg – 1st round); X 30 (15 each leg – 2nd round)

PAX made it into the second round rotation before time was called. PAX Native American ran back toward shovel flag, with an AYG jailbreak the last 100 yards.

4 Minutes of Mary:

  • Cindy Crawford X 10 each side (IC) – led by Cheesy Poof (thanks, brother)
  • Homer to Marge X 10ish
  • Box Cutters X 15 (IC)
  • American Hammer X 15 (IC)


Naked Man Moleskin & Announcements:

  • Apologies to Sir Charles for beginning 4 MOM before you were back with the PAX & kudos to Stretch (I think) for going to get the 6. Q fail! Not sure if merlot was spilled but he was not the only one struggling today!
  • As we saw today, not counting the bodybuilders does not mean that you get out of doing them! #getbetter
  • Slum Lord, way to push during the run portions of the Dirty MacDeuce – you led the pack in all four run segments!
  • TClaps to all #Natville runners (and non-runners) prepping for the BRR. In addition to the two official #Natville teams, Tammy has a 3rd team comprised of both F3 and non F3 men from Natville for Cone Health.  Stay healthy in these final weeks of training ! #CSAUP!
  • YHC reminded the PAX to consider the TPS challenge of attending 5 workouts, 2 2nd Fs and at least 1 3rd F each week to get the full measure of F3 in a week.  #worthychallenge
  • 3rd F for prayer concerns this morning at 0630 (Lawndale Panera). See Scooby’s 3rd F email. TClaps to Corn Hole for promoting Wednesday 3rd F at Harris Teeter, Friendly Center – Topic is Freed to Lead (2nd F this week). launch 0630; also studying same at Panera Lawndale – same day & time.
  • Tammy promoted the Brown Bark Benefit & 5K, next Saturday, August 27th at Brown Bark Park in Hamilton Forest.  Race Saturday morning and family-friendly block party Saturday evening with silent auction, food trucks, etc.. Details here:
  • Labor Day Convergence at Latham Grinder (Latham Park) – I Beam has the Q; launch at 0630 and plan for 90 minutes.

Slum Lord prayed us out!

Always a privilege and a pleasure to lead! Many thanks for the opportunity.


PAX: Wojo

QIC: 08/22/16