10 anxious PAX arrived for some Monday morning wake-up work:

Warm-up: SSH, sun gods –wind  up and unwind, Moroccan night club, Abe Vigoda (4-count on each leg for the stretch), Imperial Walkers, Plank calf stretches.

The Thang:   Two teams split up among the three stations with one starting the run to relieve the next person, and-so-on and-so-on until time was called.

  • Mosey to Stations and drop off one team member at each
  • Three stations:
    • Lower(goblet squats, Boy Bands, jumping lunges, monkey humpers, wall sits.
    • Core (Plank Jacks, Crunchy Frogs, LBC’s, Superman, Crab cakes.
    • Upper (merkins, Peter Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, shoulder tap merkins)

Then we collected the weary for Mary: Low slow flutters x25, box cutters x20, scissors x20, Cindy Crawford x12 each side, American Hammer x25 (or something like that!


SEPT 13th: Wild Game dinner at Life Community Church on Wendover.  $15/man, 2.0’s welcome. Faith based message from the speakers.

Tuesday Mornings: Unofficial HP workout at the High Point Athletic Complex HPAC on Tuesday mornings to build momentum in the HP market. Warming up for big launch.

COT:  Prophet took us out with a thankful message of peace and patience.

PAX: Dryesdale – VQ

QIC: 8/22/16