There is something about getting out in the gloom when the fog is in the air, hanging over the AO like a blanket, daring you to come hither and see what lies inside.  YHC was stoked to Q today. I had big plans for the men on of the Grinder.  The Grinder PAX are an unruly bunch for sure. They expect to be challenged.  They love burpees, They love double merkin burpees.  They love running across Wendover in heavy traffic at 5:30 am.  They love running under Wendover where the slightest mistake will result in a busted grill on the 5’7” overhang.  But most of all, the Grinder PAX love hill repeats. Everest and the Matahorn in one AO!?! Flat crazy.  So YHC had to oblige the 18 Grinder PAX need for hills. The Warmorama went like this:

Hillbillies 20 IC,  You can’t start every dang workout with side straddle hops, right?

String ripper 10 IC, Merkins 12 IC, Moroccan Night Clubs 15 IC (because they make I-Beam happy)

Goofballs (think of an imperial walker with an air clap, you get the idea) 20 IC

Then, we hit the road to the Matahorn. YHC and JR had head lights, so naturally we take off like bats out of hell and leave the PAX 100 yds behind in the gloom. We made it across Wendover in one piece.  Unfortunately most of the PAX were stuck playing Frogger behind us.  I mean, what’s up with the traffic on Wendover anyways? Its 5:30 in the damn morning! Where are these people coming from?  But I digress. All the PAX crossed and we resumed the mosey.  I don’t how this happened, but YHC missed the right turn to Matahorn and JR assumed we were going to Everest.  The result was an extended mosey to the back end of Matahorn were we entered the area at the top and ran down to the bottom, an extra mile to the mosey.  YHC forgot it rained heavily the night before so the grass around the powerlines was thick and wet.  Perfect. Set the timer for 15 minutes and off we go…

1) Matahorn Merkin ladder timed for 15 min

We partnered up and the partners ran together to the first tower and back to the bottom of the hill. There the PAX did 5 merkins and 5 goblet squats.  Then run the 2nd tower and back: 10 merkins/10 squats, 3rd tower and back 15/15,. 4th tower and back 20/20, 5th tower and back 25/25.  Plank for the 6

Then, rinse and repeat with Carolina Drydocks and LBCs

Most of the pax made it halfway through the second set before YHC called Omaha at 15 minutes.  We took the short way back and running on pavement never felt so good.  We moseyed back the warm up area where YHC had placed his coupons, namely Tire and Hammer. Second part of the Thang coming at ya…

Wall sit with CLIMBS and bonus Tire Drags 

Partner 1 wall sits while partner 2 does a CLIMB, then flapjack

A climb is: 1 Crab cake 2 Lunges 3 Iron cross 4 Mountain climbers 5 Burpees

2nd time  multiply by 2:      2/4/6/8/10

Bonus: the pax on the wall took turns knocking out a tire drag for 30 yds.  If your legs were not on fire yet, they certainly were after this.   YHC regrets that all the PAX may not have been able to experience this glorious exercise.  Next time YHC will allot more time for all.

We were having so much fun with his part of the THANG that YHC almost lost track of time. at 6:11 YHC had to call it. However, Defib was about the drag the tire and he was not to be denied.  He grabbed the rope and drug that sucker 35 feet while the PAX cheered him on.  Great stuff.

We had to fast boogie to the shovel flag for 2 minutes of Mary

10 plank walks IC, 10 under touches IC, 20 American Hammers IC


Amphibious:  Arise AO tomorrow, J Love as the Q.  YHC doubts we will do any Burpees at all… Nah, no burpees.

Service op Sept 17:  Paint the town with Community Housing Service.  Glenwood.  Contact Butt Fumble if you are a hard commit.

Service op: Donate to raise money for Judy’s chair. She has cerebral palsy and needs our help. Here is the link:

Defib:  Close Quarters Defense Training being organized by Defib. Its way cool and you will be a bada$$ aftewards

YHC took us out.

It was an honor to lead this morning.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this great AO.

Aye, Matlock


PAX: Matlock

QIC: 08/22/2016